What are Essential Elements for Telecommuting?

Due to COVID-19 major companies have started paying attention to the idea of telecommuting.
Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages to introducing the telecommuting system.
Therefore, in this article, I will describe some tips such as attendance management of employees, and the working environment, for easing the introduction of the telecommuting system, using some examples.

Improved BCP Effects by Repeating

Recently, there have been various disasters and irreparable damage occurring in Japan. I will describe how to continue your business in times of emergency.

Operation of Stomach Screening Test without Checking the Manual

A woman who underwent a stomach cancer screening test and was told that no abnormalities had been found, consequently died of stomach cancer. What precautions towards the mistakes of creating notifications, the officials should have taken?

Workflows of Stomach Cancer Screening Tests

Working on organizing the workflows and creating a system of operation Implementation, is regarded as the precaution against the mistakes in the stomach cancer screening Tests.

For Starter Edition Users

The service system will be changed on July 1, 2020. At that time, reception for the Starter Edition will be closed and a new Trial mode (free) will begin.

Going Paperless and Cashless, and Others Improvements in Business Efficiency

I’ve developed a minor service for 12 years which manages business processes (Cloud-type Business Process Management: SaaS BPMS). I have got many opportunities to advise on “process improvement”. However, in some cases, I have some trouble providing an answer because the current process (As-Is Process) is so far removed from the digital era, so of course, they’re forced to use traditional methods. In this article, I reconsider the mindset as an adviser, an expert, and a consultant to handle such cases in the age of digital transformation.

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