What is Questetra?

Questetra BPM Suite is a cloud-based Business Process Management System. (SaaS BPMS)

Business Systems can be developed by drawing workflow diagrams. No coding is required. Not only will the daily work be digitized, it will also be possible to promote unmanned and automated operations. (DX, Workflow Automation)

Human Workflow streamlines conveyancing
Workflow Automation completes tasks for you.

Questetra is a cloud service to be utilized by corporate units and department units. It is a group of tools in order to solve problems such as “We are working on paper and emails, so it takes time and effort”, “I do not know who is corresponding now”, and “I don’t know what the flow of work should be”. Workflows with complex structures such as loops and gateways can also be systematized with just mouse drawing. First of all, create your free account, and try modeling (No-Code development) your daily operations.

User Support Site

Browser Modeling

  • Choose Workflow App Sample
  • Arrange your Process Diagram
  • Activate with One Click

Personal Worklist

  • Check Payload Data of Each Task
  • Claim to Accept Task
  • Submit your Task Outcome

Real-time Monitoring

  • Monitor Heat-Map for your Workflow
  • Drill Down into Process Instance
  • Help your Colleague

Sticker Chatting

  • Collaborative Platform Open Chat
  • Process ID Hashtag to each Data
  • Emotion with Stamp-Sticker

Automated Step

  • Builtin Service-Task for PDFgen etc
  • To Cloud via Service-Task Addon
  • Script-Task for Server Side JavaScript

OAuth2 API

  • Connectivity from other Cloud
  • Kick Workflow API to start new
  • Add user via System Settings API

For various business flows

Order Fulfillment Process
Outsourcing Mgmt Process
Workflow Automation Process
Workflow Example: Approval Flows
Workflow Example: Routine Tasks
Workflow Example: Billing Settlement
Workflow Example: Cost Estimate
Workflow Example: Purchase Order
Workflow Example: Inquiry Response
Workflow Example: Expense Claim
Workflow Example: Attendance Mgmt.
BPMS Modeling UI
BPMS Worker UI (PC)
BPMS Worker UI (Smartphone)

Improve business processes with workflow automation!

API Access Automation
Connect to APIs without Coding
Data Editing Automation
Arrange Data without Coding
Data Editing Automation: Generate
Data Editing Automation: Duplicate
Data Editing Automation: Convert
Data Editing Automation: Filter
Data Editing Automation: Add Remove
Data Editing Automation: Extract
Data Editing Automation: Compare
Data Editing Automation: Delete
Data Editing Automation: Act Misc

Service Task Addons


Press Release


What is Business Process Management System (BPMS)?   It is an IT tool that supports the continuous improvement cycle of a business system. A designing personnel (Process Owner) develops business systems (Workflow Apps) with the graphical modeling tool and activates them. Working personnel (workers) enter the outputs of undertaken tasks. The time required and the status of stagnation are aggregated graphically to help improve the business system. (BPM Suite, Business Process Management System)

Workflow Management Software?   Product category names and categorization methods vary greatly by market research company and vary from year to year. “Workflow Management Software” is a category name used by MarketsandMarkets, Zion Market Research, etc., and is estimated to be USD 5.2 billion in 2018. Compared to USD 3.1 billion of BPMS and iBPMS such as Gartner, this is a category that refers to a wider product group. The inclusion relationship with the BPMS category is ambiguous, but it can be said to be a product group that focuses on automation and synchronization.

What is BPM?   It is corporate activities that manage changes in business process definitions. It will apply the PDCA cycle to daily work procedures such as “order fulfillment” or “Quotation issuance”, in order to improve work quality and reduce the time required, etc. It can be said that compared with general management activities such as MDM (Master Data Management) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management), there are difficulties such as; 1) knowledge of business situation is required, 2) knowledge of new methods and technologies are required, 3) leadership to promote change is required, and 4) uniform KPIs cannot be applied. (Business Process Management) Wikipedia: Business Process Management

What is BPMN?  It is a business process drawing notation (OMG: ISO 19510), which was devised with the goal of “a lot of people can understand the flow of work intuitively”. Not only the form of “Split icon” and “Task icon” but also the symbol within the icon etc. are defined. This format has become widely used in tools for drawing and defining. (Business Process Model and Notation) Questetra BPMN Introduction

For IT Professionals? For Business Professionals? Information Systems have solved the problems of the IT department. However, with the emphasis on Digital Transformation, the user department needs to be able to solve their business problems immediately (ByUser Concept). Questetra believes that the IT skills required to solve the problems must not be high.

What is the difference between a BPMS and a Workflow system?   The Workflow feature, also referred to as “process execution engine”, is the most important function of BPMS. The Run-time Workflow function controls the path that each issue should follow and passes “issue data” to the operator of the downstream process. In addition, BPMS is required a Modeling function and a version control function at the time of design (Design-Time). Many systems aim towards dynamic system changes through Model-Driven No-Code/Low-Code development. However, for a worker, it looks just a Workflow system.

Workflow App?   Business process definition (process model) is referred to as “Workflow App” in Questetra BPM Suite. The definition file is XML based and the extension is qar. In addition to the setting information about “business flow diagram, in-charge rule, data input screen” is stored, there may be a case such as Template PDF (PDF including Fillable PDF / AcroForm), Addon module, etc. are contained. By importing the acquired definition file, you can immediately operate a new (Ver 1) business system. More than 500 samples are available on the support site, etc.

Which work to apply first?   That is work for which information on each issue is delivered by paper, email, telephone, etc. You can see improvements across your organization through paperless, digitalization (digital transformation), and automation. Above all, it can be said that the improvement effect is easy to measure in “the work which is triggered by an event outside the organization in a certain frequency“. (For example, the Business Process which starts with the order email that arrives every day and to be followed with the steps such as approval and ordering). Blog: “Why My Boss won’t Draw a Workflow Chart?”

Automation of Workflow?   It is discussed in two contexts. The first point is that the delivery of the ball of an issue will be automated (the automation of delivery). That is, when output is registered at the upstream step, the workflow engine (process execution engine) notifies the candidate of the operator of the next step. If the candidate is defined as “the applicant’s superior”, it will automatically be listed in the superior user’s “My Tasks”. The second is the idea that the intermediate steps will be processed unmanned (automatic processing of a specific step/Process automation). The second is the idea that the intermediate steps will be processed unmanned (automatic processing of a specific step/Process automation). That is, if the automatic processing step “Invoice PDF automatic generation” has been defined, a “PDF with data on the issue inserted” (e.g. an invoice with “January 2020”, “20u 200usd”, etc) will be automatically generated every time an issue arrives.

Unmanned Workflow?   It is also possible to operate “a Workflow App that does not involve human labor at all”. In a case if a trigger (Start Event) is set to “Catching Email”, “Incoming Webhook” or “Timer Start”, etc., and there is no human Task (user step) on the way (e.g. composed of only automatic step and email transmission event), the whole Process ends without human involvement. In other words, you can use as “System Integration Platform” (iPaaS / Integration Platform as a Service, cloud-based Enterprise Application Integration). For example, a Workflow App that automatically stores incoming email attachments in Google Drive can be developed with No-Code and operated.

SaaS Cloud?   Questetra BPM Suite is a cloud service of SaaS type. All features such as Workflow and Modeling can be used with just a web browser such as “Google Chrome” or “Microsoft Edge”. There is no need to install software on customer-managed computers (PCs or data centers). All features such as Workflow and Modeling can be used with just a web browser such as “Google Chrome” or “Microsoft Edge”. There is no need to install software on customer-managed computers (PCs or data centers). Reference: Supported Browsers

Development environment?   Questetra BPM Suite is a Model-Driven No-Code development environment which allows us developing business systems. It is provided in the form of SaaS. The business flow chart (diagram) is defined by placing the BPMN icon with Drag & Drop. In addition to being the “development environment” of the business system, it also serves as the “execution environment”.

aPaaS?   Questetra BPM Suite is classified as SaaS according to the NIST definition. For example, the task management function “My Tasks” (function to list underwritten issues), of the person in charge of handling (worker) and the internal social networking feature “Open Chat” (function to chat by linking the issue ID) are automatically upgraded by Questetra, and the customer (user) has no control. However, Questetra BPM Suite also serves as the “execution environment” of Business Process definitions (Workflow Apps). In other words, it also has the character of PaaS (it cannot execute binary format). In recent years, some market research companies have been classified as “aPaaS” as “services providing a development environment and deployment environment”. In that case, because the focus is on the productivity (High-Productivity) of the Workflow Apps rather than the control capability (High-Control) of them, it is subdivided into “high productivity aPaaS” (hpaPaaS). (High Productivity Application Platform as a Service)

No-Code?   On Questetra BPM Suite, you can develop business systems (Workflow Apps) with No-Code (Non-program/Program-less/Programming-less). No programming knowledge is required. However, if you want to place your own automated processing step (Script Task or Addon Service Task) in the middle of a Business Process, you need knowledge of ECMAScript (Low-Code Development). Also, if you want to dynamically decorate the input form of the user Task, knowledge of jQuery etc. is required. Support site: M230 M416 M213

Web API?   APIs to control the Workflow platform (systemwide) are provided. (OAuth 2.0 Grant Type Authorization Code, Basic Authentication) It is also possible to run a “Workflow App that stands-by for REST (Webhook)”. In addition, on the contrary to those, it is also possible to operate “Workflow Apps that automatically send out a REST request in the middle of a Business Process”. (OAuth 2.0 Grant Type Authorization Code, Basic Authentication) Support site: M417 M418 M230 M416

Service Task?    BPMN terms: one of the automatic processing steps. When a token reaches the step, prescribed processing is performed automatically in the workflow platform (server side). Specifically, processing such as “Generate PDF File” and “Save File to Google Drive” is performed. By importing definition files, it is possible to increase the number of automatic tasks available for modeling. Custom addon (implementation of definition file) is possible, but in that case JavaScript programming knowledge (Nashorn or Rhino) is required. Support site: M227 M228 M229 M416 Addon

Can I try it for free?   You can try the same functions as the paid edition for free (Trial mode). Even though its server performance is not guaranteed, you can register up to 100 users and use it for 60 days.

Collaboration with G Suite?   It can be used in close coordination with Google’s G Suite. Please register your G Suite Domain (URL) in the setting menu of “Google Connectivity” (with system administration authority). Export of accumulated data to Spreadsheets, Calendar synchronization of deadline information, etc. can be done with one click operation.

What does “Questetra” mean?   It is a coined word combining QUEST and TETRA (four in Greek). Questing for business improvement by utilizing the PDCA cycle. (Plan: modeling, Do: operating, Check: monitoring, Act: optimizing recovering)

Since when?   Questetra, Inc. was founded in Apr. 2008. Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition was launched in Sep. 2009.

Where? Kyoto! Why?   Kyoto, JAPAN. 3 minutes walk from “Karasuma Oike” station at Kyoto Municipal Subway from Kyoto Station. See the Access Map for the detail. Kyoto is a distinctive city. Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years, where the old and the new are blended in well-balanced now. The best place for innovative thinking.

Questetra BPM Suite is a powerful workflow platform that empowers the development of digitalization, automation and system collaboration. Fits any industry, leveraging code-less business process modelling.

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