Changing Your Subscription

Annual / Monthly Payment Plan Customers Only
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Add Seats for remaining period (Annual payment plan)

You can increase the number of seats at any time. If you add seats in the middle of the billing period, your account will be credited a pro-rated amount for the time remaining on your existing subscription and you will be charged for added seats with the credit applied.

* You cannot reduce the number of seats with the Annual Plan in the middle of the billing period.
* For monthly payment plans, there is no limit on the number of seats. You will be charged according to the number of registered users.

Add Seats for remaining period

Upgrade Edition

If you wish to upgrade your Edition, please contact us.
# Basic to Advanced, Basic to Professional, or Advanced to Professional.

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Change Payment Plan

If you wish to change your Payment Plan, please contact us.
# Monthly Payment Plan to Annual Payment Plan or Annual Payment Plan to Monthly Payment Plan.

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Change payment method

Update credit card details

If the credit card expires or it cannot be used for some other reason, update your credit card information.

Update credit card details

Other Procedures

Change Update Schedule

Your platform is changed “Scheduled Update” to “Rapid Update”.

Change Update Schedule

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel Questetra BPM Suite Subscription.
Please request “Cancel Subscription” by email of address of System Admin. edit “Your Workflow Platform URL”, “Subscription End Date”.

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