Cloud BPM v11.2 Enhanced File Auto-generation
In addition to PDF generation, capable of generating Excel files and saving received files


Kyoto, Japan – November 28th, 2016 – Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 11.2 of the Cloud-based Workflow product “Questetra BPM Suite” on Nov 28th, 2016. In this new version 11.2, auto-steps such as “Excel-CSV file conversion of Table type data” and “saving received binary from external API” can be done.

Today, productivity improvement is the main focus, so the delivery of business information is now being shifted from “transfer of paper” to “data flow in system”, and the “manual work processing” in each step is replaced by “automatic computer processing” . Even in the Cloud-based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite”, various Processing can be automated, not only for simple work Step such as counting the “number of characters” in draft data, but even complicated process such as acquiring the latest information (JSON / XML) from an external API.

In the new version 11.2, the function of adding new files has been enhanced, so that you can automate the processing steps such as, 1) Creation and storage of files in which the entity is defined in string data, 2) Saving of received binary files, 3) Duplication and storage of files which are attached to a File type data item. In the invoice issuance process, for example, it is also possible to automatically generate a “CSV file for importing into accounting system” (File type data) from “Billing data” (Numeric type data).


Questetra BPM Suite

Cloud-based Workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” is a business platform for achieving paperless and telework environments. When a business issue “arrives” at a Step, a User (worker) processes it in a previously specified manner and enters the work result, then the issue goes on to the next Step automatically. Its most outstanding feature is its drag&drop feature used in the configuration of the “Business flow”. This feature allows a Process-owner to iterate the Improvement cycle on his/her as a part of the day-to-day work.
(BPM: Business Process Management).

Since it is applicable not only to simple business operations such as “Decision-making request” or “Document translation”, but also more complicated operations such as “Pre-shipment Quality check” and “Invoicing-Payment confirmation”, it allows to centrally visualize the progress of various in-house businesses. More than 500 downloadable Business Samples have been published for your convenience. (


File Addition feature

It can be said that the file type data items so far were “items mainly for uploading work as human processing”. As a function for automatically adding new files, there was only the “PDF generation function” (function to generate PDF with strings and images inserted into the template). With the new version 11.2 onwards, you can automatically generate and save various text-based files such as CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML. In addition, binary files such as JPEG, PNG, DOC, PPT can be received from the external APIs and saved. It is also possible to automatically delete data by overwriting it wit null data. Note that, no method is provided for binary editing in v11.2.

Example of generating an import file to the accounting system :



Other Improvements

Enhancement of Table type data

When defining each column of “Table type data”, “Date column” can be set now, in addition to “String column”, “Numeric column” and “Select column”. Also, when defining settings that automatically calculate cell values in each column (record), you could only set the “product of two numeric columns”, but you can now define “sums of two numeric columns” or “addition of constant values”.

Enhancement of Nested Select type data

When setting filtered indication of “Select type data” by referring to nested data, narrowed down display was possible only for “Select type” and “Radio button type”, but now it is also possible to set it for “Checkbox type”.

Enhancement of Automated Step

Up until now, only one data setting formula could be set for one “Service Task (Data assignment)”, but now it is possible to define multiple data setting formulas. (It makes items easy-to-see such as Business flow with multiple Service Tasks standing in a row.)

Release Note for the detail:


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