Serverworks Co., Ltd.
Built a business system linked with cloud services such as Slack


Achieve labor-saving and quality improvement on AWS operation business with “automatization”

Q. What kind of work do you use Questetra for?

Serverworks Co., Ltd. is a Cloud integrator (system development firm) that is developing cutting-edge Cloud services centered on AWS domestically.

Specifically, we build information systems for our customers on “Amazon Web Service” (AWS), and we also operate the system on behalf of them if required. So far, we have supplied 3100 cases of our service for 500 companies (as of May 2017), and for the third consecutive year we have been certified as “AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner”.

We use Questetra for every business in the company, but among them, we are taking full advantage of it in the proxy managing work in “AWS operation”.


Q. Please tell me how you are using it concretely.

We call our service which is to make settings of AWS on behalf of the customer as “AWS operation task”. And there are various operations according with customer’s request occurring every day, such as “account creation” and “authority setting”.

Each one of the tasks itself is never a difficult work. But, in ServerWorks, we manage operations under the rule such as, 1) get pre-approval about a work content in the flow of Questetra, 2) boilerplate work is done by calling script from Questetra.

Speaking easy to understand, we are controlling our daily work to prevent the work from being carried out by one worker’s “belief”, or to prevent mistakes due to “manual work” from occurring, using Questetra.


Reduced labor in information system management work by utilizing API

Q. Wasn’t there any difficulty for “automatization”?

In ServerWorks, we also use various Cloud services such as Slack, Salesforce, G suite, Backlog, etc., for internal work. For example, when someone wants to create an in-house mailing list, Questetra has been set up so that as soon as the boss approves it, the APIs of G Suite will be automatically invoked.

As we are familiar to the Cloud APIs on the daily basis like this, we might be able to consider that “labor saving” and “automation” would lead to reduce mistakes in the tasks of the customers.

In fact, the key point of choosing Questetra out of a number of Workflow systems is, it is equipped the ability to be an API client for many Cloud systems, and also to be able to receive API access from them.

Disseminating information about utilization of Questetra’s APIs by blog


Q. Please let us know if you have anything you are expecting in Questetra for the future.

Currently, we use Slack as an internal communication tool inside Serverworks.

Recently I learned the existence of “Service Task add-on” which allows realizing “Slack auto posting” easily, so I am now planning to set it up that various requests for “approval” to be posted automatically in the future.

However, there are still a lot of unknown portions as to what type of information should be put on which channel so that approval processing to be done quickly without mistake.

We expect Questetra for more active dissemination of information regarding ” detailed how to link APIs between Clouds”, as well as more detailed know-how for collaboration or efficiency improvement tips.

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