Rakuten Direct, Inc.
An approval system that handles more than 1000 cases each month at the back of a large-scale e-commerce site. Completed the replacement of the system in less than half a year. Moreover, cooperation with the in-house core system.


Efficiently handling more than 1000 various approval requests monthly

Q. What kind of business are you using Questetra for?

Rakuten Direct, Inc. manages e-commerce sites “Kenko.com” and “Soukai Drug” of health foods and medicines. Two management companies merged in July 2017 and changed to the current company name. For the future, we aim to further expand as a company that controls and manages e-commerce sites for health foods and medicines.

We are using Questetra for the back office work of the e-commerce site “Kenko Com”, in the approval work on such as registration or change of the information of product and business partner.


Q. Please tell me how to utilize it specifically

In order to operate an e-commerce site, registration and change of various information occur day-to-day, and approval of related persons is required.

  • Registering merchandise and changing prices
  • Change of supplier information
  • Changing purchase conditions and ordering units

These registrations and changes occur more than 1,000 cases each month. Depending on the content, it is necessary to obtain approval from various relevant departments (Marketing department, Retail division, Logistics department, Overseas business division etc.). In the previous scheme, the Merchandise department worked as a contact point and did confirmation of the approval by each department. After replacing with Questetra, processing has passed automatically to the members who are required to approve, and processing has been made quickly without omissions. In addition, when approval processing at Questetra is completed, it will be automatically linked to the internal core system. This made it possible to utilize approved data without mistake or omission.


Creating flow with Drag and drop, replacement in a short period

Q. What kind of points in Questetra did you evaluate for adopting?

When replacing from the previous mechanism, it was necessary to finish the requirement definition to release in less than half a year from the convenience of the project schedule.

Since the period was very short, we proceeded with considering for using packages rather than our own development. We adopted Questetra by the judgment we made that it would allow achievement in a short period, with the fact that business flow can be built in an obvious way that is connecting parts (Start/End Events and Tasks, etc.), and the fact that it generates Operating screens automatically.


Q. Please tell me your expectations to Questetra for the future.

In order to check changes in the number of cases of daily handling, or fluctuations at the time of events such as bargains, we aggregate regularly. In doing so, we are utilizing the results of the “Organizational Performance” function. However, it is necessary to compose graphs in combination with other data, so only aggregate values are used. If we could download only aggregated values as CSV files, we can expect more efficiency in the business. We expect further improvement on aggregation function in the future.


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