Migrating from Groupware associated Workflow


Reformation upon transition to G Suite

Q. What kind of work are you using Questetra for?

We, POCKE, INC. provides content services related to fortune telling, child-rearing, weight loss, weather etc. with the concept of “creating a smile in the world”.

Fortune-telling service has been very popular thanks to collaboration with fortune-tellers who frequently appear on TV and various media. Also, a headache forecast service, “Zutool“, which has been derived from weather service is also taken up in the media, making it a popular service. Moreover, recently, there are increasing not only content but also cases of services referred to as “Trading desk” which is advertisement using the know-how of customer acquisition by contents.

We are using Questetra for various application approval tasks within the company, such as decision-making request, applications for general affairs, accounting, and legal affairs.


Q. Please tell me how you are using it concretely.

Previously, we were using a Workflow system which has been included in groupware. Since it was functionally simple, there were many jobs remained to be operated in paper, without digitised.

We decided to migrate groupware to G Suite (at that time Google Apps), and so as to replace the Workflow system accordingly. At that occasion, we compared several workflow services that can cooperate with G Suite. By evaluating on

  • Being capable of dealing with operations containing certain looping such as returning to a specified Step, instead of simply sending-back to the applicant
  • Being capable of organizing and visualizing business flows
  • Being capable of coping with complicated flows of content creation work

, we decided to adopt Questetra.

Work that had to be operated on paper up to that point could also proceed with the transition to Questetra, and operations still operated on paper have become very few, currently.


Secure collection of Individual Number

Q. I heard you are also using for collection of Individual Number.

In addition to the employee’s Individual Number, we also need to manage those of the self-employed who we deal with for fortune-telling services and others.

Because I wanted to avoid building a new system just for collecting Individual Numbers, and I knew samples were prepared for it, so I corresponded so that Questetra can collect Individual Numbers.

It was a great help that I could build a system that can securely collect Individual Numbers in short-term, low-cost, by slightly modifying the samples prepared by Questetra. Even now we are using that flow as one of the new employee joining procedures.

(* Editor’s Note: Template for Individual Numbers collection is HERE.)


Q. Please tell me anything you have devised.

In collecting Individual Number of external business people, I tried to link to Questetra from the web form created in-house. By doing so, we are able to carry out processing without delay or omission. Also, there are operations in which we keep the master data used by Questetra on Google Spreadsheet, since Questetra has a high affinity with G Suite. In addition, day-to-day internal communication to prompt the submission of overtime work applications, and regular contact at the end of the month have been automated by Questetra to make it more efficient.

Although I am quite using Questetra with help by Questetra’s customer support staffs who taught me a lot, I would like to use it more widely in the future.

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