Migrating the Notes Workflow to Cloud


To Achieve the Flow of Simultaneous Examination by Multiple Officers

Q. What kind of operations do you use Questetra for?

Mitsubishi Pencil group is constituted by in Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd., and 43 subsidiaries and 3 associated companies with 2800 employees. We manufacture and sell writing instruments and peripheral products in Japan and overseas, beginning with the product of “uni” brand.

Since the foundation in 1887, we are working to improve the quality and innovation as the market-leading writing instruments manufacturer in the world, under the company motto ‘the Highest Quality is the Maximum Service’. Now about 45% of our sales are in overseas.

We are using Questetra on about 30 Workflows in General Affairs type and in Personnel type, such as, for example, the Decision Making flow which we call “Decision in President’s Office”. On the “Decision in President’s Office”, the Important Management projects will be reviewed by more than one directors at the same time, such as “investment in new facilities” and “investment in new information system”.


Q. What workflow system were you using before the introducing Questetra?

We were using Notes 6.5 before Questetra.

The Workflow was quite well built, so we had no functional problem. But on the other hand, we wanted to achieve “the cloud computing”, replacement to general-purpose software, and standardization of work by the end of 2012. It is also in line with “the efficiency of existing operations” in the medium-term management plan, which began in 2010.

We have investigated and tried a variety of products actually, and found that most of cloud-based Workflow products are intended to achieve “simple and straight Workflow”. So those did not meet the requirements for us. And then at cloud-related exhibition, we could luckily found Questetra, which can easy make complex business such as “concurrent processing” “looping” into cloud-computing. It was a major advantage compared to the Notes that “Creating a Workflow screen” is very graphical and easy to understand intuitively, so complex workflows can be created by even not an expert of application.


Implementing the “Migrating to Questetra from Notes” By in-house Members

Q. What trouble did you have in Migration process?

We assumed about six months as replacement period, and I think it progressed actually as we assumed. It was completed successfully without major problems.

Specifically speaking, we started the test run in small groups of 10-20 members from around December of 2011, then increased the number of users gradually since the beginning of 2012. In July of 2012, approximately 800 employees utilize for day-to-day operations and procedures.

Though we omitted some parts which would be achieved with Notes, I think it is great that with only a small number of house members have realized the building and operation of the workflow system. Also, we are once again satisfied on the point that we can change the flow of operations by ourselves as many times as we want to improve the usability of the users.

As the point we had a hard time was in-house support for changing to new screen of Questetra, because all employees was used to screens and operations of Note. We were working out the specification of replacement having some meetings between administrators of users of each Workflow. On the other hand, we have created manual for the entire users, have briefings at each site. After starting of operation, we provided support by ‘Contact Support’, in a few months, I say it has settled down.


Q. Are you going to increase operations to apply in the future?

For example, we are planning to utilize actively in administrative procedures of domestic offices and overseas plants.

For overseas factory, there are procedures such as shipment from the factory, domestic inspection and shipping, we are considering it is necessary to promote the visualization of bottleneck processes and rework point.



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