Build the core system of a rental business entirely with the cloud


Built by combining Salesforce, AWS, and Questetra

Q. What kind of work are you using Questetra for?

Higashi Twenty One Co. Ltd. is a company whose core business is transportation, office relocation and warehouse storage. Based on this know-how, we offer a wide range of services including logistics business such as 3PL, in-building delivery services, nursing care equipment rental and wholesaling.

We are using Questetra as a new nursing care equipment rental management system, which handles everything from order acceptance to delivery adjustment for the nursing care equipment rental business, cooperating with Salesforce and AWS (Amazon Web Services).


Q. Please tell me how you are using it specifically

Previously, we had built a system with packaged software that operated independently for each site. This presented us with several challenges.

  • Extra work occurred since there was a lack of sharing of inventory information or centralized management of master product information
  • A huge amount of manual work occurred in monthly processing since it could not cooperate with the accounting system
  • It was necessary to set up each new location and this took time

In order to solve them, we built a new system by combining Questetra and AWS with Salesforce, which we had been using before.

The new system is the backbone of this business, taking orders for nursing care equipment rental, coordinating the associated inventory and warehouse, and arranging trucks for delivery. With the introduction of the new system we were able to eliminate leakage and delays in the work while reducing the number of tasks, and we were able to greatly increase the efficiency of our work.

API Integration


Questetra partner support and various innovations

Q. How did you develop it?

We had it built by Vital Information Inc. Tokyo, Japan http://www.vitals.co.jp/ which is Questetra’s partner certified company.

Vital Information Inc. is also a partner certified company of Salesforce and AWS, so they built a new system with an optimal combination taking advantage of the features of each mechanism.

  • Salesforce: master data management and sales billing management
  • AWS: input system for agencies and staffs
  • Questetra: automatic connection between systems, automatic alerts, approval processing for orders, etc.

By utilizing Questetra, we believe that system cooperation could be achieved while reducing development costs.


Q. Please tell me the points that you have devised

In the area of web-based orders, which were previously received by telephone or fax, we made it obviously visible using revolving light so that orders can be detected in real time.

In addition, we have made it possible to reliably perform required actions, such as alerts for stopping / resuming procedures occurring in accordance with the hospitalization of users.

Through such ingenuity we could improve the quality of work while improving efficiency without compromising the response speed, and I am very satisfied.

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