Example of Starting Workflow with Voice (Starting Workflow via Google Home)
A case example of the linkage between AI speaker and Questetra BPM Suite.

Hi, there.

Recently, we naturally hear a lot about the topics of smart speakers.

Personally, I own Chromecast, so I’m using Google Home to see how it works, first.

Well now, as I know a customer who is using Google Home in conjunction with Questetra in real business promptly?, so I will introduce that case.

1: The business to be started by Google Home
2: Method of connecting Google Home with Questetra
3: A scene that it actually works
4: Closing; future visions

1: The business to be started by Google Home

They have created a Questetra App named “Library”, and use it for managing document transactions with external (clients, partners, etc.), such as books or documents that are sent and received by post.
Together with for the sake of the management record, they have realized a state where the salespersons who are working out of the office would be able to check those documents at wherever they are.
* Even though it seems to be possible with online storage alone, since they are managing including incidental information, so they have prepared Questetra App for.

2: Method of connecting Google Home with Questetra

Their implementation method, it is to send HTTP requests for starting Questetra from Google Home (Assistant -> Webhook) via using “IFTTT“, a service of connecting.

On the Questetra App side, set up for accepting requests using “Message Start Event (HTTP)” so that a Workflow can be started.

* Please see the following document for the details of “Message Start Event (HTTP)”
M221: Auto Starting Triggered by HTTP Request

Regarding the settings in IFTTT, it is as the following figure. (I divided the screen capture since it was too long. Also, I replaced some parts with provisional data.)

* Concerning the settings of IFTTT, please search on the Web as there are various articles.

3: A scene that it actually works

The video clip below is a scene how it works. A Questetra Process is moving on at the background.

4: Closing; future visions

Their purpose for using Google Home, in this case, is to verify if it is usable in practical business and to make those who are elder or computer illiterate to be able to operate. And they are beginning to use it in other businesses. Even though they may think still there is a lot way to go since it is merely “voice command” in the current situation, I suppose it will be possible to control businesses with fluent voice instruction if its recognition rate increases more. It will be convenient for work that both hands occupied.

In addition, I become to do several things which I felt cumbersome to do since I started using Google Home in my home so that I can command with my voice. The things that I do are to listen to news or weather forecast, and to command to Chromecast, and so on, even though which can be done with a smartphone. However, my behavior (usage frequency) has changed due to an increase in convenient means, which is my voice. I am imagining that the usage will expand in various scenes from now on.

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