No-Code development platform v14.0, Bulk Work Start Added

Reduces time and effort for entering data


Kyoto, Japan, Apr. 11th, 2022, Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 14.0 of the No-Code development platform Questetra BPM Suite. The new version 14.0 allows the operator to start a large number of business cases IN BULK by uploading a business data file.

As telework is promoted due to the influence of COVID-19, workflow systems that realize digitalization and visualization of business progress are attracting attention. In a common workflow system, the person in charge inputs business data one by one to start a business matter. Therefore, when starting multiple business items, it is necessary to enter data as many as the number of cases. The same was true for Questetra BPM Suite, which is classified as a workflow system.

From the new version 14.0, the person in charge can start multiple business cases in bulk by uploading a file in which business data is recorded. In the fixed asset valuation, for example, if you upload the fixed asset list file, you can start the workflows for each fixed asset for which a valuation will be performed.

Questetra BPM Suite

Questetra BPM Suite is a No-Code development platform for realizing paperless and remote-working environments. You can develop a workflow system with No code by Dragging & Dropping the Step icons. It will help to realize on-site-led digitization, automation, and unmanned operation. This is a cloud SaaS service for ISO-certified companies, BPO contractors, and corporations who want to work on continuous process improvement.

You can apply it to various business operations such as an Approval request flow, Document translation flow, Quality check process, and Invoice issuance process. Process owners of each Business Process can practice the Improvement of Business Processes little by little in daily work. (Examples of Business Flow Diagrams: )

Business Issues Bulk Start

When the person in charge uploads the business data list file created in the TSV (Tab Separated Values) format, business issues corresponding to the number of lines in the TSV can be started in a batch in the state in which the business data has been entered. You can also download the TSV file template corresponding to the Workflow App.

Business Issues Bulk Start Operation Overview

Other Improvements

Google Drive: add sharing scope

This new Service Task allows you to control the addition of sharing scopes for files and folders in Google Drive. For example, it will be possible to build a mechanism where once a draft of the in-house notification document is approved, it automatically sets the document that previously only had viewing permissions for the section so that viewing permission is given to the entire company (with the domain). *Available Editions: Advanced, Professional

Embedding video on the Process Operating Form screen

You can now embed HTML video tags in Process Operating Form screens. By showing the video of how to handle the Task on the Operating Form using the video tag, it is expected to reduce the cost of education for workers and reduce work mistakes.

Displaying a list of Business Issues that have stagnated other than the human Tasks

Previously, in the list of stagnant Business Issues (Heatmap function), only the human Tasks (*) in the workflow diagram could be displayed. From version 14.0, it is possible to display a list of stagnant Business Issues even for items other than human Tasks, such as a Step that waits for an HTTP request. *Steps to be handled by humans

Ver. 14.0 Release Note:

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