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Workflow Designer (App Admin) develops “Workflow Apps” by arranging the Human Step and Automated Step with the mouse. (BPMN: Business Process Model and Notation – ISO/IEC 19510)

Operator (Worker) lists the accepted works (“My Tasks”) and registers the output of each task.


Daily processes are flowed according to the business process definition (Workflow App). In the case of Human Task, the BPM system asks “Candidates” to accept. In the case of an Automated Task, the BPM system executes the relevant processing (e.g. PDF generation, Google Drive saving, etc.) on the server side. Questetra supports not only multiplexed loop flows but also advanced send-back flows called non-block structures.

questetra main use case
Workflow Design and Task Execution
Questetra BPMS Overview
Continuous Process Improvement

All Users

  • Sign In
    • Sign In with Password
    • Sign In with G Suite
    • Sign In with SAML
    • Reset Forgotten Password
  • View Custom Dashboard
    • Add Heat-Map Charts
    • Add Performance Charts
  • View OpenAPI Doc
  • View Personal Settings
    • Edit Profile and Photo
    • Edit Language
    • Edit Timezone
    • Edit Notification Rules
      • Edit Counter Rule
      • Edit Email Rule
    • View Basic Authentication Key
      • Renew Key

as Operator (Worker)

  • List Startable Apps
    • View App Manual
    • Start new Process
  • List Responsible Tasks
    • List Offered Tasks
      • Sort Tasklist
      • Sort Tasklist by Apps
      • View Detail
      • Mark Task Starred
      • Accept Task
      • Accept Tasks Collectively
    • List My Tasks
      • Sort Tasklist
      • Sort Tasklist by Apps
      • View Detail
      • Mark Task Starred
      • Perform Task
      • Perform Tasks Sequentially
      • Decline Task
      • Terminate Processing ()
      • Delete Process ()
    • List Error Tasks ()
      • Sort Tasklist
      • Sort Tasklist by Apps
      • View Detail
      • Assign Someone Exceptionally
      • Terminate Processing
      • Delete Process
  • View Current with Heat-Map
  • Search Performed & Permitted
    • Search Process Title
    • Search Process in App
    • Save Search Filter
    • Export Search Result
      • , Export CSV
      • Export Excel
      • Export SpreadSheet
    • View Detail
    • Start new Duplicate Process
  • View Own Task Performance
    • List Tasks with Year Trend
    • List Tasks with Monthly Pie
    • Drill Down into Detail
    • Start new Duplicate Process
  • View Corporate Performance ()
    • List Processes with Year Trend
    • View Average Time to End
    • View Average Time to Perform
    • Drill Down into Detail
    • Start new Duplicate Process
  • Read OpenChat Messages
    • Follow User
    • Follow #$Topic Word
    • Comment to Message
    • Like to Message or Comment
  • Write OpenChat Messages
    • Post toward Followers
    • Post toward Org-Mates
    • Post with Stamp Sticker
    • Post with File Attached
    • Post with Mention @User
    • Post with Mention %Org
    • Post with Mention #$Topic
    • Post with Mention #p$ProcessID
    • Post with Mention #m$AppID
  • Search Messages and Comments

Sample Manual
M101: Check What You Have to Do (Login)
M105: Accepting Offered Job
M110: Checking current state of work you had done
M115: Finding Problems of Steps from Data in Closed Issues

as Workflow Designer (App Admin)

  • Create new App ()
    • Create from Scratch
    • Upload QAR File
    • Refer to QAR URL
    • Duplicate
  • Grant App Admin Privileges ()
    • Grant to User
    • Grant to Org
    • Grant to Role
  • Manage App Versions ()
    • Activate new App
    • Test Developing Version of App
    • Release new Version of App
    • Scrap Developing Version of App
    • De-Activate App
    • Download QAR File
    • Set App Manual with Markdown
  • Upload App Add-on File ()
    • Add Service-Task
    • Add Options-XML
    • Add Base-PDF
  • Upload Shared Add-on File ()
    • Add Shared Service-Task
    • Add Shared Options-XML
    • Add Shared Base-PDF
  • Edit Workflow App ()
  • Design BPMN Diagram
    • Place Human Task
      • Set Deadline Rule
      • Set Alarm Rule
    • Place Human Task for Team
      • Set Deadline Rule
      • Set Alarm Rule
      • Switch to Whole Team Mode 11.5
    • Place Automated Task
      • Place Service Task
        • Calc and Manip 11.8
        • Generate PDF
        • G-Drive Folder Create 11.9
        • G-Drive File Upload
        • G-Drive File Folder Delete 11.9
        • Box Folder Create 11.11
        • Box File Upload 11.11
        • Box Folder Delete 11.12
        • Slack Message Post 11.9
        • Slack File Post 11.10
        • Cloud File Retrieve 11.10
        • Update Options-XML ()
      • Place Add-on Service Task
      • Place Script Task
    • Place Gateway
      • Place XOR Gateway
      • Place AND Gateway
      • Place OR Gateway
    • Place Start Event
      • Place Human Start
      • Place Timer Start
        • Force All Participants
      • Place Email Start
      • Place Web Form Start
      • Place Multipart-HTTP
      • Place JSON-Webhook 11.6
      • Place XML-Webhook 11.6
    • Place Intermediate Throw
      • Place Email Send
      • Place Multipart-HTTP
    • Place Intermediate
      • Place Timer Intermediate
    • Place Intermediate Catch 11.8
      • Place Web Form Receive 11.7
      • Place Multipart-HTTP 11.8
      • Place JSON-Webhook 11.6
      • Place XML-Webhook 11.6
    • Config Intermediate Boundary Event
      • Assume Time-Up Route
      • Assume Non-Performer Route
    • Place End Event
      • Place End
      • Place Terminate End
    • Place Annotation
  • Design Assignment Rule
    • Edit Swimlane Participants
      • Add User as Candidate
      • Add $User as Candidate
      • Add Related-User of $User
      • Add Org as Candidate
      • Add $Org as Candidate
      • Add Related-Org of $User
      • Filter Candidates by Role
    • Prohibit Multi-Lane Accepting
    • Disable Acceptor Retaining
  • Design Task Forms
    • Edit Data Object
      • Add Single-Line String
      • Add Multi-Line String
      • Add Number
      • Add Single-Choice List
      • Add Multi-Choice List
      • Add Date
      • Add Datetime
      • Add Files
      • Add User
      • Add Org
      • Add Discussion Board
      • Add Table
        • Add String Column
        • Add Number Column
        • Add List Column
        • Add Date Column
      • Add Guide Panel
    • Set Initial Value Expression
    • Set Validation Rule
    • Set Placeholder Value
    • Set JavaScript Decoration
    • Set API Access Name
  • Set Permissions for Every Task
  • Change Forms Order
  • Change Column View
  • Preview Task Forms
  • Convert to Advanced Task Form

Sample Manual
Tutorial: Chpt.1: Using Pre-installed App as Workflow User
Tutorial: Chpt.4: “Splitting” by Condition
M202: Deadline in Each Step
M205: Business Data Items

as System Admin

  • Add User ()
    • Add User via Form-UI
    • , Add Users from CSV
    • Synchronize with G Suite Users
    • Reset Forgotten Password
  • Add Org ()
    • Add Org via Form-UI
    • , Add Org from CSV
    • Synchronize with G Suite Groups
  • Force to Change Assignment Rules()
    • Re-Org All Apps
    • Re-Org All Apps Under Developing
  • Add Role ()
    • Add Role via Form-UI
    • , Add Role from CSV
    • Synchronize with G Suite Groups
  • Grant System Admin Privileges ()
    • Grant to User
    • Grant to Org
    • Grant to Role
  • Grant App Admin Privileges ()
    • Grant to User
    • Grant to Org
    • Grant to Role
  • View License Information ()
  • Update Corporate Logo ()
  • List System Log For Specific Period ()
    • View Users Access IP and Time
    • Export CSV
  • List App Log For Specific Period ()
    • View Processed Time
    • View Filtered by PID
    • View Filtered by App
    • Export CSV
  • Edit Security Config ()
    • Choice Password Policies
    • Prohibit Automatic Sign-In
    • Permit G Suite Connect
    • Permit SAML SSO
    • Prohibit Password Sign In
    • Activate White List Filtering
      • Add IPs for User Access
      • Add IPs for API Access
    • Permit CORS Access
      • Add Origin
    • Permit Email Start
    • Control User Authorization APIs
      • Permit Basic Authentication
      • Add OAuth2 Client
  • List Message Catch Apps ()
    • View Email Start Events
    • View Web Form Start Events
    • View Web Form Receive Tasks 11.7
    • View Multipart-HTTP Start
    • View Multipart-HTTP Receive
    • View Webhook Start 11.6
    • View Webhook Receive 11.6
  • List Message Throw Apps ()
    • View Multipart-HTTP Send Events

Sample Manual
M402: Setting: “Overall Stop” during Parallel Processing
M407: Setting: Embedded Emails to be Transmitted Repeatedly
M411: Auto-starting “Billing Process” Triggered by “Shipping Process”
M415: Adding an Auto-Step to be Used for Business Process Definition

If you want to try modeling business processes (developing Workflow Apps), get the App Creator authority from users who have System Administrator authority in advance. The initial system administrator is only one person who has opened a SaaS account (who has made Free registration). It is desirable to have multiple system administrator in case of unforeseen situations.

(App Administration Privileges)
  • Data Viewer: Workflow App Admin Privilege to VIEW
  • Process Manager: Workflow App Admin Privilege to CONTROL
  • App Administrator: Workflow App Admin Privilege to EDIT
(System Administrator Privileges)
  • App Creator: System Admin Privilege to CREATE NEW WORKFLOW APP
  • User Manager: System Admin Privilege to MANAGE USER
  • System Administrator: System Admin Privilege in CHIEF

Quick Demo Platform for your quick experience.


Does it support file attachment?  If “File type data” is assumed as one of the Data Items in the Workflow, Operators (workers) can exchange any business file (Excel/PDF/JPEG). The Workflow App designer is also able to limit the file size or the number of files to be attached.  MANUAL (M205): Business Data Items

Can I start by reusing past data?  You can if the Workflow is “designed to be possible to start from a human Step”. It is useful in cases, for example, when you” want to input order data that is similar to the contents of the previous order with less effort” (Order Reception Process), or “want to start over from the first Step” (Decision-making Process).  MANUAL (M103): Starting with Past Data

Is it possible to send email automatically?  It is possible by placing an “Intermediate Event” for sending an email in the middle of a Workflow. An email will be sent each time an instance arrives at it. It is possible to automate, for example, “Sending thanks email to customers in Order-acceptance Process”, or “In-house credit check rejection alert”.  MANUAL (M224): Auto Sending of Email with Business data Inserted

Can I use email reception as a trigger?  You can by placing a “Start Event” for email reception at the beginning of a Workflow. The Workflow will start automatically each time a new email is received. In addition to developing “Inquiry Response Process”, etc., it can also be used when linking with other systems.  MANUAL (M218): Auto Starting Triggered by Incoming Email

Can I use Fax reception as a trigger?  If you contract with Internet Fax services, you can develop “Fax circulation Workflow” and so on. Specifically, it is done by the setting of receiving the “Fax reception notification email” at “Start Event” for email reception.  MANUAL (M219): Auto Starting Triggered by Incoming Fax

Can I use Webhook as a trigger?   By placing the “Start Event” for webhook reception or for REST reception, you can construct a mechanism to automatically start a Workflow when an HTTP request is received. In addition to “Order-acceptance Processes” that are linked to the existing EDI system, you can also develop business Processes that are automatically started by receiving a Webhook notification from PayPal or kintone.  MANUAL (M221): Auto Starting Triggered by HTTP Request

Can I automate data processing?   In the case of simple processing, place “Service Task”, an Automated Step, and set the data updating formula. If you have JavaScript knowledge, place a Step where business data is processed by Scripts (Script Task). Every time an instance arrives, the necessary data is read and the data to be updated will be updated. In addition, it is also possible to acquire and use packages of an automated Step that contains scripts (Add-on).  MANUAL (M227): Auto Executing Data Binding, Arithmetic Operations  MANUAL (M230): Auto Executing Complicated Data Processing (ECMAScript)  MANUAL (M415): Adding an Auto-Step to be Used for Business Process Definition

Does it support the processing of daily or weekly?  In case, such as, if all employees must submit a daily report on the “Daily Report Flow”, place a Timer Start Event and set it to “7 o’clock every morning on weekdays”. Moreover, it is possible to prevent a situation like “a lot of duties are accumulated in My Tasks” by adding a setting such as “Naturally disappears if not submitted within 24 hours”.  MANUAL (M217): Auto Starting at the Time You Fix

Does it support the send-back of tasks?  All instance flows according to the flow (arrow path). Therefore, by adding the “Returning flow” to the upstream Step, it is possible to choose “send-back to the upstream Step” when an instance arrives. However, it depends on the policy of the Process Owner (a person in charge of designing the App) whether or not to define, for example, the Step of “sending order confirmation” as a Step that can be sent back.  MANUAL (M204): Looping Structure

Does it support conditional branching?  By placing a gateway (diamond icon) in the middle of the Workflow, the “path to go” will be automatically determined according to the data of the instance. It is also possible to combine multiple conditional expressions.  MANUAL (M203): Parallel, Single Split and Multiple Split

Does it support multiple assignments?  User accounts are grouped in “Organization” (with tree structure) or in “Role” (without tree structure). A User account can be assigned to multiple groups.  REFERENCE (R3031): Samples of Organizational Tree

Does it support proxy approval?  Basically, define so that both “General Manager” and “Deputy General Manager” (all members) can undertake the concerned task. Alternatively, it is possible to design a business process definition in which “Deputy General Manager” will be able to undertake only after 24 hours elapsed.  MANUAL (M209): Nomination by Organization and by Role

Is it capable of working with RPA?  It is already not uncommon for cases such as robots are registered as Operators (workers) to be assigned (or to support) with specific “human task”. (Cooperation between RPA and BPMS) In such a situation, there are cases to be processed through a user interface for human and to be processed through API communication. In addition, if it is possible to replace “human task” with “automated Step”, it is possible to automate (unmanned) without relying on RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  Post-Tag: RPA

Does it support Trusted timestamps?  Under Japanese law, If you want to digitally store “paper receipts and invoices received from the other party” (as National Tax Documents/7-year preservation documents), not only image filing (self-signature on paper and smartphone photography) but also Timestamping is mandatory. (Electronic Bookkeeping Act/Corporate Tax law/Corporate Law). As of April 2019, it is not possible to build a mechanism that can automatically acquire “Japan Data Communication Association Time Stamp” with standard function alone.

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