*The name of “G Suite” was changed into “Google Workspace” in October 2020

Serverworks Co. Ltd.
Building a business system that links with cloud services such as Slack

Achieve time-saving and quality improvements in AWS operation business with automation

Q. What kind of work do you use Questetra for?

Serverworks Co. Ltd. is a cloud integrator (system development firm) that is developing cutting-edge domestic cloud services centered on AWS.

Specifically, we build information systems for our customers on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and we also operate the system on their behalf if required. So far, we have delivered 3100 projects to 500 companies (as of May 2017), and for the third consecutive year we have been certified as an AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner.

We are using Questetra for all kinds of work in the company, but especially we are taking full advantage of it in the management of agency work in AWS operation.

Q. Please tell me how you are using it specifically.

The service that sets up AWS on behalf of the customer is called “AWS operation work”, and every day we must perform various operations based on their requests, such as account creation and authoritization settings, etc.

Each task itself is not difficult. However, at Serverworks we have a system where (1) we get prior approval for the work in the Questetra flow, and (2) template work is done by calling a script from Questetra.

To put it simply, we are using Questetra to control our daily work to prevent work from being carried out based on one worker’s assumption, or to prevent mistakes due to manual work from occurring.

Reduced labor in information system management tasks by utilizing APIs

Q. Was there any difficulty in automating the process?

At Serverworks we use various cloud services such as Slack, Salesforce, G suite, Backlog, etc. for internal work. For example, when someone wants to create an in-house mailing list, Questetra has been set up so that as soon as the boss approves it the G Suite API will be automatically invoked.

As we are familiar with the Cloud APIs we might think that labor-saving and automation would lead to fewer mistakes in tasks for customers.

In fact, the key point of choosing Questetra from a number of Workflow systems is that it has the ability to be an API client for many cloud systems, and can also receive API access from them.

Disseminating information about utilization of Questetra’s APIs by blog

Q. Please let us know what you expect from Questetra in the future.

Currently, we use Slack as an internal communication tool.

Recently I learned of the existence of the [Service Task] add-on which allows you to automatically post to Slack, so I am now planning to set it up so that various requests for approval will be posted automatically in the future.

However, there are still a lot of unknowns as to what type of information should be put on which channel so that approval processing can be done quickly and without errors.

I look forward to more active dissemination of information regarding how to link APIs between clouds, as well as more detailed know-how for collaboration or efficiency improvement tips.

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