InfiniTalk Co., Ltd.
Improved the Productivity of Sales Activities!


Shortened lead time for submitting estimates

Q. Which business do you use Questetra BPM Suite for?

We InfiniTalk develop, sell, and maintain “InfiniTalk”, a telephone system used in the call center.

With “InfiniTalk” as the axis, we have developed the “CTI solution” service that proposing construction of the entire call center. We have records of result of over 10,000 seats in 300 companies in 48 industries. Today, we also offer a Cloud-based telephone system service which greatly contributes to the early launch of call centers.

We use Questetra for various application type work across the company.


Q. What kind of challenges did you face?

In the business related to purchase of hardware etc. related to the received order, the salesperson applies for purchase, the superior approves, the management department places an order. Until using Questetra, we had set up a rule that “Application -> approval -> order processing at the Management department” with paper. However, it used to take time from the request application till order placement, since not approved for absence of the superior, and the applicant himself had place the order request after the approval.

Since we began to use Questetra, the superior was able to approve it at anywhere, and information on the order request was transferred to the Management department at the same time as approval, so the time from application to ordering has been shortened.

In addition, besides the purchase work, work such as contract approval or expense settlement are subject to business audit, since all the past processing is managed in Questetra, it also leads to cost reduction of business audit.


To further productivity improvement such as automation of PDF generation

Q. Is there anything you have devised?

In the Process of expense reimbursement, “Receipt Attachment Form” is automatically generated in PDF.

On this form, information such as application ID or applicant’s name, etc. is automatically filled. After applying on Questetra, the applicant printouts the automatically generated “Receipt Attachment Form”, pastes receipts on it, and submits it to the Management department.

For the applicants, they don’t need to make “Receipt Attachment Form” by him or herself anymore, and for the Management department, it became very easy to process because the format has been unified.


Q. Please tell me about your expansion plan for the future.

I would like to make use of Questetra for further improvement on the operational efficiency of the Sales department.

We are using the Cloud SFA service, and we manage information on business opportunities there. While we are using Questetra to carry out task of creating estimate, but we are not yet able to link with Cloud SFA.

In the future, I want to work on in particular, for example, to make business partner information that has been stored in the cloud SFA possible to be used in Questetra, or to make information of estimate which has been approved on Questetra to be automatically stored at the Cloud SFA.




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