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i3systems, inc.
Visualizing the Progress of Order Fulfillment
Responding to orders for options without delay

Q. What kind of operations do you use Questetra for?

We, i3 Systems Inc., are providing CLOMO, a service that provides the operation, management, and the platform necessary to implement the corporate introduction and utilization of smart devices.

Ease of implementation is its biggest feature, achieved by a purchase system that allows customers to select only the features they need and a cloud service that customers can start using without capital investment. Now more than 5000 companies have introduced our system, mostly with large-scale users.

We use Questetra for order processing operations.

The CLOMO service comes with various optional services such as anti-virus and emergency remote lock/wipe, etc., thus there are many settings arrangements to be applied to the order handling process. We use Questetra for those purchase orders to reduce errors and mistakes.

Q. What has changed after the introduction?

We used to manage tasks on paper, so we couldn’t follow the progress of each operation, and we couldn’t shared business tips easily because our business sites were divided between two locations in Fukuoka and Tokyo. There were actually frequent exchanges asking “what should I do in such and such a case?”

I think the visualization of the progress of orders has been made possible and each work rule has been clarified since we started managing orders in Questetra.

Auto-Generation of Outsourcing Documents

Q. Are there any points that you have devised?

There are cases when procurement occurs in some of CLOMO’s optional services. We used to create document forms for procurement purchasing one by one, but now Questetra automatically generates these in the business flows.
The function of data embedded PDF forms allows us to generate documents automatically when an issue goes through an automatic processing step in each business flow diagram.

Of course it’s wonderful that the working efficiency has been improved dramatically by automation, but above all we are very thankful for the fact that we no longer have to worry about transcription errors. We apply this function in various ways, and now about 10 types of documents are automatically generated.

Q. Please tell us about your future prospects.

Questetra is very convenient as it can work with G Suite (formerly Google Apps) with single sign-on, and i3 Systems Inc. already has full use of G Suite. Now, about 20 internal operations such as paid leave requests, expense reports and contract management are now also being processed on Questetra. By the way, we are using our product CLOMO GATE for single sign-on connection.

For the future, I am thinking of establishing data linkage with other systems such as Salesforce, taking advantage of the API functions of Questetra. Specifically, we would like to analyze how much each task is costing from the results of operational processing that has been accumulating in Questetra, and we want this to lead to further business improvement.

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