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Upgrading to Business Plan is easy online.

The service system will change in July 2020.
For details, see the Expansion of Service System.

  • (No credit card required)
  • (Auto Cancel, 15 days no access)
  • (Up to 10users 1GB)
  • (Lower-Spec than Paid)
  • (Auto-generated Subdomain)
Business (Annual)
per user month
  • Yearly Payment
  • Pay in Advance
  • for Register-able Users
  • ($4.80 for 200+ Users)
  • Custom Subdomain
per user month
  • Yearly Payment
  • Pay in Advance
  • Higher-Spec
  • Fully Managed
  • Custom Subdomain


You need to purchase the minimum of 20 users. (In the case of the Flexible plan, the price for 20 people will be charged even on days less than 20 users.)
All the listed prices are tax excluded. (In actual billing, Taxes will be applied according to conditions. In the case of Reverse Charge, the tax is not added to the total charge.)

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