*The name of “Office 365” was changed into “Microsoft 365” in April 2020
*The name of “G Suite” was changed into “Google Workspace” in October 2020

There are many rule-based tasks such as approval and expense claims within the company.
Most of these tasks still seem to be processed on paper, therefore the supervisors and staff in the administrative department always have to handle a lot of approval request documents and file folders.

​Digitizing such operations will help speed them up and reduce costs!
We will explain in detail how to do it in practice, showing some examples.

​Do you want to solve these problems?

Can’t report or approve when out of the office

  • The approval process often stops due to your supervisor’s business trips…
  • Executives have to handle a pile of approval documents after returning from a business trip…
  • Reporting from outside the office is impossible… You have to report back late at night due to travel time…

It’s time-consuming to look for and review documents

  • You have to ask the people involved to check the progress… A lot of papers make it hard for you to check…
  • Time and effort are needed to move the paper documents to the right place…
  • Time for checking for omissions in addition to listing drafts and numbering documents is needed…

Costs and errors unique to paper processes occur

  • The unnecessary cost of paper, printing, storing, and organizing is needed
  • Versions of documents are always needed to be updated… Paper documents can be misdirected or lost easily

Digitization and going Paperless make your work surprisingly smooth!

Anytime and anywhere

  • Handle tasks with your smartphone! With no delay in processing, you can speed up your work! (sometimes you can do it more than 3 times faster!)
  • No need to go back to the office thanks to handling tasks with your smartphone anywhere

Speedy and efficient

  • You can check the progress at any time and search easily!
  • Automatic checks and no omissions! Listing drafts and numbering documents are also automatic!
  • Process data can be reused for similar cases! It’s easy to review past cases!
  • Always up to date! ​No worries about loss!
  • No cost of paper, printing, storage, or organizing! The office becomes ​eco-friendly and clean!

​And even more

  • The flow of operation becomes visualized and comprehensible! Also it’s easy to consider improvements!
  • Easy to analyze which operations take longer!
  • Automatically follow rules! No audits due to a mistake in the approval process!

​Examples of methods and effects of digitizing and paperless systems

You should utilize workflow systems to make tasks such as internal approval digitized and paperless.

Among the various systems, the cloud-based workflow systems are easy to implement on a trial basis with low initial investment and are considered low risk. ​For instance, you can start with a small system, targeting specific objectives, and after that you can extend it. ​In addition, cloud-based systems don’t place a burden on the person in charge of information systems in the company.

​Many people who use Questetra BPM Suite (Hereinafter referred to as “Questetra”), a cloud-based workflow system, have succeeded in business reforms with digitization and paperless environments.


Succeed in going paperless of contract and approval workflows.
Build the strictly managed and higly creditable approval system

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group – SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd.

Promote paperless processing and provide real-time progress updated for the outsourcing operations

TOHO Gas Co., Ltd.

Achieved paperless operations, Doubles the Transmission Speed

Impress Holdings, Inc.

Enhancement of internal control by digitizing the request for login to the system


Decision-making shortened to one third by paperless

Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

Solve various issues on paper processing. Use in collaboration with Groupware (Office 365)

Click here to Contact us. ​You can try a 60 day trial for free right now!

3 Reasons for Choosing Questetra

You can start with the minimum initial investment

​You can try it for free.

Moreover, as the first step, you can test the system with a limited scope and at a lower cost. (from 20,000 yen per month, no initial cost)
That helps you decide whether to introduce or expand the system while controlling risks and checking the effects.

Easy to design workflows

You can design ​the workflow in a visible way, therefore it is intuitive and easy to understand.
You can also visualize the processes, which helps you easily consider further improvements.

​Use in collaboration with groupware

You can use Questetra in collaboration with groupware such as G Suite and Office 365.
​For example, if you have already logged-in to groupware, you can use workflows as well (single sign-on). ​It will ease the efforts of user and system administration.

Aiming for digitization and a paperless environment

We recommend you try Questetra to go digital and paperless.
​Click here to Contact us. ​You can try a 60 day trial for free right now!

We prepare many practical sample workflows and hold free seminars regularly as well!

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