I often hear that Microsoft’s cloud service, Office 365, has already been introduced (or is about to be) and customers are struggling when considering a workflow system to use. They commonly ask me,

What is the cloud type workflow system which is easy to use and can integrate with Office365?

Now, I’ll answer that question.


What is required for workflow systems which are used together with Office 365


First, I will organize the required points as below.

  • Using a workflow system that integrates with Office 365
    Using the single sign-on with Office 365 used as internal groupware via the authentication collaboration, and integrating with the services that are included in Office 365
  • Easy-to-set up workflows
    A workflow system that is easy to create, modify, understand, and maintain
  • Cloud services are desirable
    The purpose of using cloud services is to reduce the burden of maintenance and operation in the internal IT system department, to prevent obsolescence over time, and to prevent disasters. Therefore, in the case of using Office 365, you don’t want the workflow to be an in-house type (On-Premises type)


Workflow systems that fit the requirements


Among various cloud-based workflow systems, “Questetra BPM Suite” (“Questetra”) is more advantageous because of the ease of flow arrangement, and rich experience of integrating with various systems and services, including Office 365. I will introduce three advantages of Questetra.

Collaboration with various systems including Office 365


  • A single sign-on integration with Office 365 (AzureAD/On-PreAD), as well as flow initiation from SharePoint portal and the integration with Microsoft Teams, are all possible!
  • Many experiences of collaboration with various cloud services like Salesforce, Box and Slack using REST APIs

Easy-to create workflows using drag and drop


  • The icons of the workflow diagram can be arranged just by dragging and dropping, so the workflow can be designed graphically. It is intuitive and easy to understand. The workflow can be easily seen and understood not only by the person who drew it but also those who use it!
  • It can handle complicated workflows and has a track record of transitioning advanced workflows created in Notes!
  • The modeler for creating flows runs in a web browser and it offers a simple system that integrates with the execution environment of the flows, therefore it is easy for you to understand.

The visible progress of the task


  • Visualize the progress of the task and processing time from various charts!
  • Based on the graphical data, various improvements such as speeding up and preventing delays are possible!


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The examples of the collaboration between Office 365 and Questetra


I’d like to introduce some examples of collaboration between Office 365 and Questetra.

Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
They use Questetra for a variety of applications and requests for action, including approval requests for the budget for Developing Projects. In the day-to-day operations, they use the Groupware Office 365, for the Bulletin board, Email, Schedule management, Web conference. Configure and use a single sign-on environment in conjunction with Office365 / Azure AD and Questetra.
A certain parts manufacturer
They use Questetra for an office work request and inquiry management of the finance department. They are originally almost bankrupted due to managing the works with Excel, but now their business progress is visible and dealing with similar cases is efficient. They embed a request form to launch Questetra’s operations into SharePoint and use it.


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