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What are Essential Elements for Telecommuting?

Due to COVID-19 major companies have started paying attention to the idea of telecommuting.
Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages to introducing the telecommuting system.
Therefore, in this article, I will describe some tips such as attendance management of employees, and the working environment, for easing the introduction of the telecommuting system, using some examples.

Automation of measuring a number of steps

“Google Fit” is a platform where fitness records, such as walking, are stored. You can also use API reference to data such as “Distance” or “number of steps” from outside. I ‘m wondering this means that activity reports will automatically include “number of steps”.

TMJ Inc.

Approximately 2000 people use it. The Workflow part was switched to cloud BPM which is capable of visualizing and standardizing at the time of groupware migration. Established an environment where business improvement can be promoted at each site and reduced processing time by 40%.

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