Free BPM software made in Japan, Simultaneous Global Release on January 20th, 2009
BPM software “Questetra BPM Suite” Debut

Questetra starts free download distribution of BPM software “Questetra BPM Suite” on January 20th, 2009.

BPM software “Questetra BPM Suite” enables:

  • a process owner to draw and design a business diagram. (Modeling function)
  • every participant of a business process to execute the business according to the designed business diagram. (Operating function)

Each task is represented by “a rounded rectangle” in a business diagram, and the order of the tasks and the split are expressed by connections of arrows (Sequence flow). “Questetra BPM Suite” does not require knowledge of programming at all. It is software that widely supports BPM cycles in companies.

Processes targeted by “Questetra BPM Suite” are “Processes composed by tasks that human participants operate.” This sort of software, which manages human tasks and executes work allocation to human participants, is called “Human-Centric BPM software.”


Limitation of Free Edition

“Questetra BPM Suite” can be used free of charge with no limitations of time or the number of users, however, the maximum number of simultaneous jobs is limited “10”. You need to separately buy an “Extension Key” to lift this limitation and use our product on a large scale. (Basically credit card payment is required).


Extension Key Price(/month)

  • Extension 100: $100
  • Extension 1000: $1,000
  • Extension Infinity: $10,000

(*) Maximum of Simultaneous Jobs, Price per server machine, Payable only in U.S. dollars, Sales tax included


Questetra had terminated the offering of “Download Edition” in April 2017.


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