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Kyoto, Japan, July 12th, 2021, Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 13.1 of the Cloud-based Workflow product Questetra BPM Suite. This new version is capable of automatically sending HTML Emails in which business data has been embedded.

There may be many cases where emails are sent automatically by local governments or companies to their applicants or prospective customers. Even some of the COVID 19 vaccination reservation systems also use such a mechanism.

Up to now, although Questetra was able to insert, for example, company names or individual’s names into emails sent to applicants upon application for a seminar, the email body had to be simple without any decorations. With this new version, you can use HTML in the body of emails so that you can color the text, insert an image, place a button with a link, and so on.

The beautiful decorations in an email body enhances the visual effect. Your message will be conveyed more easily and more accurately, and customer satisfaction is expected to increase. In addition, you will also be able to embed tags that measure the open rate of the emails that will lead to more effective marketing activities.


【Questetra BPM Suite】

Cloud-based Workflow Questetra BPM Suite is a business platform for realizing paperless environments and remote-working. Business issues are controlled according to a Business Flow Diagram. When a Process reaches a Human Task the user will be asked to add their input. Also, when an issue reaches an automated Step the predetermined processing (server-side processing) such as generating a PDF and saving it to cloud storage is performed automatically. (BPM: Business Process Management))

You can apply it to various business operations such as an Approval request flow, Document translation flow, Quality check process, and Invoice issuance process. Process owners of each Business Process can practice the Improvement of Business Processes little by little in daily work. (Examples of Business Flow Diagrams:

[HTML in the body of the automatic email sending feature]

By placing an email sending event in a workflow, an email with business data inserted will be automatically sent every time an Issue passes. It is now possible to specify HTML in the email body. This makes it possible to implement beautiful decoration with HTML in the body of emails sent automatically from the system, such as confirmations for the reception of seminars or service applications, delivery notifications, and deadline notifications.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20210712-PR-en-v131-html-email-config-01.png
<HTML in the Mail Body>

【Other Improvements】

<Box: Move File, Delete File>

Using these Service Steps, you can now move or delete files that have been stored in Box. For example, it will be possible to build a mechanism in which CAD files approved in the Delivery Step in Design Drawing Production work are automatically moved from the drafting folder to the submission folder.* Available in Advanced, Professional Edition

<Google Calendar: Move Event, Delete Event>

Using these Service Steps, you can now move or delete events registered on Google Calendar. In the business of planning seminars, for example, it will be possible to build a mechanism that once a plan is approved, the seminar schedule registered in the Planning calendar is automatically moved to the Public calendar. * Available in Advanced, Professional Edition

<API search utilizing saved search criteria>

It is possible to save the search criteria in the All Processes function when doing a filtered search on all Process data. It is now possible to search by API (Process search/Task search) specifying a key (reportId) that selects saved search criteria. This will reduce the trouble of specifying search criteria when using the API.

See the release notes for details.

Ver. 13.1 Release Note:

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