TOHO Gas Co., Ltd.
Achieved paperless operations, Doubles the Transmission Speed


Digitized the “Plan Details” of Gas Fitting

Q. What Kind of Operations Do You Use Questetra BPM Suite, as a Company Running Gas Business in TOKAI Region in Japan?

We used to circulate paper-based forms of detailed information from gas construction companies. Now we are able to have electronic interaction. It used to take two whole days to circulate the paper form through, until the last office.

By using Questetra BPM Suite, we could make it paperless, and shortened to one day. And different from paper forms, we can easily check how each case is being processed, and also corrections can be done on the system. We are very satisfied.


Q. Only Employees are Using the System?

Not only the employees of TOHO Gas Co., Ltd. but also some of the construction companies began joining the Workflow as well.


Easy and Intuitive Modeling Function

Q. How Satisfied are you with Questetra?

Because of the ability to set freely the workflow and data, we feel the possibility of applying on a variety of tasks. Among them, I like the Modeling feature because it is very easy and intuitive.

On the other hand, there are many tasks which must have to be recorded on paper documents eventually. So we would welcome if it supported paper out put as a standard feature.

And also, we would be happy with some kind of mechanism such as entering addresses into Questetra, and have a map displayed that indicates the construction site.


Q. Please Tell Us Your Future Prospects.

For the time being, we are in the stage of using Questetra in a few offices, but we want to expand the use to various tasks and other offices in the future.


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