Prime Polymer Co. Ltd.
Management of product development requests from six sites around the world

Information-sharing with Oversea sites used to be inadequate

Q. What kind of business do you use Questetra for?

Prime Polymer Co. Ltd. is a corporation that manufactures and trades synthetic resin.

You might have seen the abbreviations “PP” or “PE” in daily life. We manufacture polypropylene and polyethylene resins, which are widely used as raw materials for products such as plastic containers for liquid detergents or even reinforced car bumpers.

We introduced Questetra to manage product development requests from our overseas sites. We accept a wide variety of product development requests from our sites in North America, Thailand, China, India, Brasil and in Europe. We have systematized the procedures between the request and the response.

Q. What kind of challenges did you face?

For products led by overseas offices, each office considers specifications and production quantities, and then makes a request to the head office.

Previously, those requests had been filed in the workflow “Notes”. However, since we were operating Notes on the domestic intranet, it could not be accessed directly from overseas offices. Therefore, we had to summarise the request in Excel and email it to the person in charge in Japan, who would then register it in Notes on behalf of the requester.

However, we also had the following challenges:

  • Staff at overseas sites were unable to see how far their requests had been processed
  • A proxy applicant had to constantly provide feedback
  • There was a duplication of work in entering the request details in the first place
  • There was a delay due to the time difference

Now, we can eliminate unnecessary progress checks thanks to being able to understand the progress of all the requests easily. Also, I think we have become able to work more quickly.

In addition, now the duty of the person in charge of accepting requests is just to confirm the requests, so we don’t have to do the same work twice.

Collaborations with Other Cloud Services in the Future

Q. What kind of comments have you heard from Users?

I have heard someone say ‘I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ve forgotten to do some tasks’.

In Questetra the work you must do will arrive in “My Tasks” automatically. So I suppose that the workers have peace of mind when they see the My Tasks list empty, which means all their jobs have been done and there is nothing left to do.

Q. Please tell us about what are your plans for the future.

In Prime Polymer Co. Ltd. we have been promoting improvement in productivity, and developed a system environment that contributes to the convenience of customers by collaborating with multiple business systems and databases.

Henceforth, we are planning to expand the use of Questetra to a wider range of departments and business operations. In this plan, we are going to build up the collaboration of the internal system with various Cloud services to find the best combination of services based on understanding each of their advantages, so that all the employees will be able to use each service seamlessly. That is our ideal.

Questetra has a variety of APIs, so in the end you can do anything you want with it, but we hope that it will evolve to be simpler and easier to use from the user’s point of view.

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