*The name of “G Suite” was changed into “Google Workspace” in October 2020

Daily Work, using only iPad and iPhone!


Friendly to People who are UnCOMFORTABLE WITH PC Operation

Q. What kind of operations do you use Questetra for?

KAWANO CONSUL is a company that provides consulting specialized in “business succession”.

We offer advising services for owner stock measures, for matters such as “Stock Transfer procedures” and “Classified Share introduction”.

Two years and a half have passed since we started using Questetra BPM Suite (as of October, 2013). We now use it for many internal operations such as ‘Expense Report’ and ‘Other Application-Approval operations’, and even for Progress Management for the ‘Consulting Business’ which is our main operation. Moreover, we use it for the ‘Submission of Contract/ Invoice’, which includes automatic document generation.

Among these processes, I noticed that the ‘Expense Report’ and ‘Settlement Processing’ have become smoother. It became not uncommon for the consultants to use Questetra’s Process ID in their daily conversations at the office.


Q. What problem did you have before?

There were many elder staff who have found difficulty on daily work that require to be done on a PC, which has been increasing recently. I think there were so many occasions when they were required to alter settings and operations on their PCs.

At KAWANO CONSUL, we believe it is important to build an “environment that can handle the daily operations only by using a tablet or Smartphone”. In other words, we are promoting the migration of in-house systems into the Cloud. More specifically, we are trying to build a business system that can be operated from a Smartphone or Tablet, and an environment that is friendly to people who are uncomfortable operating a PC by using “G Suite”(formerly Google Apps), the Cloud-based groupware and “Questetra BPM Suite”, a Cloud-based workflow.

Today, I think the quality and speed of information sharing has improved greatly, thanks to the daily operations done ‘Applying on iPhone’ or ‘Approving on iPad’. Assistant operations are quickly processed mostly on the iPad, and I think that the times when support from the system administrator is required has been reduced in half.


Work Platform for Telecommuters and Consulting Business

Q. How big is the advantage of migrating to Cloud-based systems?

We are promoting another great goal of the Cloud system, which is ‘Enhancing the Telecommuting environment’.

There are many highly skilled people who have difficulties to commute. Also, in time, I suppose some workers might want to shift to telecommuting. So we have reduced the ‘Tasks which must be done in the office’ successfully, by using the G Suite for Emails and Calendars and using Questetra for conveying business data.

Now, there are some operations that are done only by telecommuters, and the percentage of telecommuters has become about 25 percent. We are in the phase of increasing “Telecommuting employment” gradually.


Q. Please tell us about the outlook for the future.

Now, we are running a mechanism to start the Business Process by a ‘phone call’ for testing.

We think Smartphones are still complicated or bothersome to handle. So we are trying to build a system that starts a Workflow with a phone call.

Specifically, it is a mechanism where an Expense Report processing is automatically started when registering a “project ID” on which an expense occurred, by an Auto-answering call system. A consultant can write down the “Project ID” he or she got from the auto-answering system on a receipt or an invoice, and then hand it in to the personnel in charge back at the office, who will, in turn, take care of the subsequent steps. We have a lot more ‘Ideas’, which means, we have ‘room for improvement’, but I estimate there will be a reduction in reporting misses and an increase in work efficiency at the downstream steps.

Incidentally, we do not pay any special costs for the system itself.
It was done with a very simple extension by only adding the starting point in the existing business process definition, and connecting the API of the Cloud telephone service ‘Twilio’ and the connection API of Questetra. We are now actually aware of the so-called “Business Improvement Cycle”.

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