Strict Management through Drafting to Registration of Contract Information


Contributing for speeding up the Contract approval

Q. What kind of work are you using Questetra for?

JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS Corp. is a company that provides finance and settlement services for travelers and travel agencies.

For example, we offer pre-paid cards that can be used overseas, foreign currency exchange services for foreign visitors to Japan, pre-settlement services for Web accommodation reservations, and so on.

We are using Questetra for contract conclusion work. We are operating in three Workflows, drafting contract to approval, signature request, registration of contract information. And the contents of contract can be confirmed with digital file, so it helps to prevent the loss of the original.


Q. Please tell us why you chose Questetra.

By using Questetra, we cannot create an official contract unless we go through the Approval process and the Signature process, so we are able to thoroughly enforce internal rules.

In addition, the approver is able to make decisions even on business trips, and it made possible to shorten the time required for approval. It is stable as a system and we can use with confidence considering the actual usage of JTB SYSTEM SOLUTION, INC., a group company.


Workflow that can manage strict privilege management and approval decision route

Q. What challenges did you have before introducing Questetra and how did you solve them?

Prior to using Questetra, we were managing contract signing draft documents on paper.

From the drafting person’s viewpoint, it was not sure how far the approval or signing work was finished, and had to deal with unnecessary stress such as having to contact the management department. By using Questetra’s data retrieval function, the drafter became able to see the progress of approval settlement and signing work, it was possible to grasp the completion time of formal contract creation and to relieve stress.


Q. Is there anything you have devised for its use?

Since we deal with important and confidential contract information as our business, we restrict viewing authority and control authority over process to the General affairs division and strictly manage authorization.

We have designed the Workflow so that the approval route that complies internal rules is automatically determined depending on the type of contract.
In addition, we prepare a Step for checking in midstream by the General affairs department to make sure that the contract type is not wrong, so that we do not go through the wrong decision route by any chance.

From now on, I would like to promote automation such as to digitally store the approval history information along with the approval document, so that we can utilize it for business expansion of the company.

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