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Corporate Culture of Defining the Business Processes
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Rapid Response to Queries or Demonstration Requests

Q. What kind of Business do you use Questetra for?

iTicket Corporation sells iTickets, a booking system for clinics.

Patients of clinics which have implemented the iTicket system can check the current waiting times with their computer or Smartphone before making their booking. iTicket has a feature called the “Not Yet? Screen” in which patients of the clinic can see how many people are before them in the queue and the approximate waiting time. It will reduce the stress of waiting because patients can wait comfortably at their own house or other places. The system also reduces congestion in waiting rooms and the risk of nosocomial infections and has been installed in over 1200 clinics, mainly in the paediatric ENT sector.

We use Questetra for office operations associated with the iTicket booking system, i.e. processing service applications, recording responses to demonstration requests, managing the progress of surveys and responses to enquiries, and so on.

Q. Did you design the Business flow inside your company?

We already had a well-established culture of creating business flows prior to the introduction of Questetra (2010). We were creating business flows using drawing software such as Visio. I think we were able to become proficient at creating workflows in Questetra quickly because the operation is very intuitive.

There were no major difficulties in creating business process definitions by setting business data and conditional branching expressions.

Also for Process Management in Video Production!

Q. Were you able to expand the use of Questetra?

On the iTicket, as well as showing the current waiting list on a large monitor screen in the clinic, it also displays information such as medical information and information about the office closing, which is helpful for patients in the waiting room.

So we also use Questetra for to manage the production of video contents.

For example, in the case of Doctor’s Contents, which is a direct interview with the doctor of the clinic, we do various operations such as interviews, editing, setting up the distribution and reporting the distribution performance on Questetra. Even though we produce videos quite often, I feel it has eliminated mistakes and leakages, and inter-departmental communication has become very smooth.

Besides, we often plan services that connect patients and doctors. We manage the flow of the service using Questetra and it became our custom to record performance data.

Q. Which is your favorite feature of Questetra?

Soon after we introduced Questetra, the concept of “Roles” appeared. We really appreciate it and use it frequently.

Especially in carrying out a new project, instead of thinking in a fixed manner such as ‘a task for A department’ or ‘a job of Mr. B’, the flexible grouping concept like ‘C Role’ is very convenient. This concept of Role is very useful because we sometimes actually transfer the work itself to another team in the iTICKET Corporation.


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