Kyoto University Conference on Higher Education Committee

The Committee has succeeded in making operations paperless and cashless, linking with Paypal and utilizing Questetra’s Automatic Processing Process. That consequently has helped the Committee shorten the time required for each operation, eliminate mistakes and improve customer satisfaction.

Automatic Issuance of 600 Participation Certificates for the Conference

Q. What kind of operations do you use Questetra BPM Suite for?

We, Kyoto University Conference on Higher Education Committee , literally host an event called “Kyoto University Conference on Higher Education”.

The Conference is a forum for exchanging information and opinions on the results of research and practice in university education. We hold the Conference every year jointly with the Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, and Kyoto University Original Co., Ltd.

As the Conference is a more frank occasion where you can present even content which is not preferable in an academic conference, faculty members as well as university staff and business people can participate and make presentations there.

We use Questetra BPM Suite for the tasks involved in event operations: registering participants and their presentation materials for the conference and providing information to their relevant parties. We have established a system for the tasks, and Kyoto University’s Original Co., Ltd. uses the system to carry out the tasks.

Kyoto University Original Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kyoto University. The company engages in courses, consulting, and business matching, utilizing the university’s technology and knowledge. Since the company is an external organization to the university, it can make proposals that are difficult to deal with within the university organization according to the university’s regulations.

Q. What did you do for registering participants?

With Questetra, we enabled operations from application to payment confirmation for approximately 600 people.

When participants access the web form and fill out the required information, an email with an auto-generated participation certificate (PDF form) attached is sent to them. Also, the participation fee can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer.

When the staff responsible for operating the event processes confirm the payment by PayPal or bank transfer through processing the payment confirmation steps provided by Questetra, a receipt (PDF form) is automatically generated and emailed to the applicants.

Before using Questetra, we were accepting the participation fee by cash at the venue in addition to bank transfers. However, by changing the payment method to Paypal or bank transfer payment there was no need for staff to transfer cash or issue receipts at the venue, which resulted in a significant cost reduction in operation.

Expanding to Other Operations to Which Questetra Has Not Yet Been Applied

Q. How did you handle the reception of the presenter’s materials?

There were 171 presentations at the Kyoto University Conference on Higher Education 2020. The presentation materials are submitted to us in advance, and they can now be accepted in a Web form via Questetra.

In addition to that, we have made it easier to understand which presentation the submitted materials belong to. For the titles, we have set up options which can be selected.

When presenters select their own titles in the web form for accepting presentation materials, entering some words of the title will display only the choices that contain those words. That consequently enables presenters to easily find their own titles from among about 170 titles. Moreover, we add titles to the file name of the uploaded materials.

This eliminates errors in linking the submitted materials to the title of the presentation and prevents us from misidentifying the presenter and the presentation materials at the time of the presentation.

Q. What are you planning to do via Questetra in the future?

We are planning to expand your service to other operations such as accepting presenters’ applications.

Although we use a system that we have built for the applications, in the future, we plan to establish a system where the applications are processed with Questetra, linking it with the system where the aforementioned presenters’ materials are accepted to further improve the efficiency of our operations.


PayPal: 請求書, ドラフト作成

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