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In Recommendation for Automation – Box File Share we showed how to enable files uploaded to Box to be shared with people outside the company.

The mechanism described in this article limits the number of files that can be shared to one, but this article will show you how to build a mechanism that facilitates the sharing of multiple files.

No-Code Development Platform Questetra BPM Suite

The cloud-based no-code development platform Questetra BPM Suite is used to automate operations.

In Questetra BPM Suite a business system is constructed through the creation of workflow diagrams. In the constructed system, business data is not only digitized, the system also automates the transfer of business data between people, as well as performing text conversion, numerical calculations, email transmission, etc. Furthermore, data integration to other cloud services can also be automated.

Cloud-based No-Code Development Platform Questetra BPM Suite Overview. When a workflow diagram is created, a business system is built.
No-Code Development Platform Questetra BPM Suite Overview

Such automation is achieved by placing items in the workflow diagram that will be automatically processed in some way at the desired time. For example, when the sales manager approves a quote, the quote file is uploaded to Box.

Various automation items available in Questetra BPM Suite will allow you to automate your operations easily.

Box Cloud Storage Folder Creation

Box is a cloud storage service for businesses. The Box case studies page lists over 100,000 customers and 67% are Fortune 500 companies (confirmed 2022-02-15).

The automation items provided in the Questetra BPM Suite (v13.3.0) introduced in the previous section are related to Box.

  • Box: Upload File
  • Box: Copy File
  • Box: Move File
  • Box: Create Shared Link to File
  • Box: Delete Shared Link of File
  • Box: Delete File
  • Box: Download File
  • Box: Create Folder
  • Box: Search Folder
  • Box: Create Shared Link to Folder
  • Box: Delete Shared Link of Folder
  • Box: Delete Folder
  • Box: Add Collaboration
  • Box: Delete Collaboration
[Box: Upload File], [Box: Create Folder] and [Box: Create Shared Link to Folder] (shown above in bold) will be used for the mechanism to be created in the next section.

Automated Submission of Approved Quotations

In Recommendation for Automation – Box File Share we created a system where approved quotes are automatically submitted to customers.

There is one limitation to this mechanism. Only one file can be submitted at a time.

When a salesperson submits a quotation it is not uncommon for it to be submitted together with several other documents, for example, a proposal, a price list, and service/product introduction materials. Sometimes multiple quotations are submitted. In addition, for the sales manager who approves the quotation, the documents submitted at the same time as the quotation may have a significant impact on the approval decision.

The system we are building will allow automatic submission of multiple files to customers.

The following operations are systematized using Questetra BPM Suite.

  • A salesperson creates a quotation file.
  • The sales manager decides whether to approve the quotation file.
  • A folder is created in Box.
  • A shared link is generated in the created folder.
  • The approved quote file is uploaded to the folder created in Box.
  • An email is sent to the customer with the shared link to the quote file.

Within this workflow, the latter four processes (in bold) are handled automatically.

First, we will create a workflow diagram of this business. (Constructed with Questetra BPM Suite below)

Quote Approval Workflow Diagram

The following three processes in the workflow diagram are handled by people (blue square item)

  • 1. Quotation Preparation (by sales staff)
  • 2. Quotation Approval (by sales manager)
  • 3. Response to Feedback (by sales staff)

If the quotation is approved in [2. Quotation Approval] a folder will be automatically created on Box. The gray item [4. Create Folder] will automatically create a shared link to the folder. [5. Upload Quotation] will automatically upload the approved quotation to the folder.

Finally, [7. Email to Customer] will send an email to the customer with the shared link inserted.

Setting up Automated Items

Create a parent folder in Box where the folder for submission will be created. Set the part of the URL of the created parent folder (the blue part below) in “C2: Parent Folder ID” in [4. Create Folder].

Create & Approve Quotes Processing Screen
Automatic creation of folders for Box quotation submission
Quote Approval Workflow


We introduced how to build a system in which multiple files are automatically uploaded to Box cloud storage and a shared link is created to the folder in which they are stored.

The following process has been automated.

  • A folder is created in Box
  • A shared link is created in the created folder.
  • Approved quote files are uploaded to the Box folder with the related documents.
  • An email with the shared link is sent to the customer

This automation reduces the time and effort required to create folders, set up shared links, and send e-mails to customers. In addition, the following mistakes are prevented compared to manually doing these tasks.

  • Forgotten or delayed folder creation
  • Failure to set up shared links
  • Failure to set up shared links (incorrect expiration date or password)
  • Forgotten or late uploading of files
  • Incorrect file upload location
  • Incorrect email address or body

By using the automation items provided in Questetra BPM Suite, a no-code development platform used for automation, you can build a system in which files are automatically uploaded to Box and shared links are automatically created, even if you have no knowledge or experience with Box’s API (Application Programming Interface).

Questetra BPM Suite is available on a 60-day free trial basis. If you are interested please apply from the following link.

60 Days Trial for Free

There are still a variety of automated operations that can be achieved. We will introduce them in future articles.

That’s all for this time!

Recommendation for Automation – Box File Share
Recommendation for Automation – Box File Upload
Box: Create Folder
Box: Create Shared Link to Folder
Box: Upload File

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