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We’re working on marketing activities for our company (Questetra) every day, and one of the most important tools for this is a Scheduled Email Campaign. For example, we would like to send emails with different contents to the people who have requested our materials or attended our seminars, one day after the request, five days after the request, and ten days after the request and so on, to deepen their interest in our company.

We have recently built a system to send Scheduled Emails using the Cloud-based Workflow Questetra BPM Suite and I would like to introduce this method.

What is Scheduled Email Campaign?

The value of Scheduled Email Campaign

For example, if a person requests information on a certain service, from the date of request you can send them;

  • 1 day later: case study materials
  • 5 days later: documents on how to use the service
  • 10 days later: a document summarizing industry trends

This is called a Scheduled Email Campaign.

Scheduled Email Campaigns are used to provide information that will gradually deepen the understanding and interest of the service from the date of the request for information to the date of the final order.

The role of a Scheduled Email Campaign goes beyond simply providing information. The value is that it can also be used to measure the response priority of prospective customers.

You can keep a record of who read which article by giving an individual ID to each prospective customer in the URL included in the email. By analyzing these records, you can identify those who are becoming interested from among the many potential customers. This information can be used to categorize prospective customers as “hot” or “cold”, and to provide carefully tailored information to each of them.

This article does not cover how to gauge the interest of a potential customer, but the first step is to send a Scheduled Email.

Challenges of Using Scheduled Email Campaign

Sending Scheduled Emails to a treasure trove of potential customers is very important, but it’s not so easy when you start sending them.

Every time you send an email, you have to select the people who are 1 day away, 5 days away, and 10 days away from the base date and send a predetermined email to each of them. This is done every day.

These tasks are time-consuming and involve the handling of sensitive personal information. In order to reduce the time and effort and prevent mistakes, these tasks must be automated.

Automation can be hard work, but this article will show you how to make it a little easier.

Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign

About Questetra BPM Suite

The system of sending Scheduled Emails introduced here runs on the cloud-based workflow Questetra BPM Suite.

Let’s run the Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign App in Questetra BPM Suite. The template for this App is available on the following page, so if you are already using Questetra BPM Suite, please import the template.

Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign

If you are not using Questetra BPM Suite, please apply for the free trial *.

* Select the Professional edition.

Click here to learn how to import a template.

Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign App

With this App the administrator only needs to make basic settings regarding Scheduled Emails initially, and then they will be sent automatically every day.

The administrator can set when and what kind of content emails are to be sent as shown in the following image.

If you want to set up a fourth email to be sent after 20 days, it is easy. Just copy the item “10 days later: email basic information” that is already in the workflow diagram and change the settings to something related to the fourth email, and it will be sent the next day.


A Scheduled Email Campaign is effective as a means of systematically providing information to prospective customers to steadily increase their interest in your products and services. Also, by sending Scheduled Emails you can take measures to understand the behavior of your potential customers, such as accessing the URLs contained in the opened emails.

With the workflow application described in this article, the administrator only needs to set up the Step Email scenario (what kind of mail to send to whom and when) at the beginning, and then the Emails will be sent automatically.

If you are interested, please apply for a free trial of Questetra BPM Suite (60 days, 100 users). After that, please incorporate the Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign template App and use it.

Thanks for reading. That’s all for now!

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Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign

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