Process Modeler Addon

Process Modeler Addon
The modeling function that defines a Business Process can be enhanced by three aspects: a) Addition of a modeling icon, b) Mastering choice options, and c) PDF Auto-generation.
By importing Add-on files, you can more efficiently define advanced Business Processes. You can also make your own original Add-on file.

  • Add-on file to add Service Task
  • Add-on file to add a Options List
  • Base-PDF (PDF Form) that can be referred to in the PDF Auto Generation Task

  For details, please refer to download page and manual page (Tour).

Download Site:

How to add Service Task:
M415AUTOMATED STEPAdding an Auto-Step to be Used for Business Process Definition

How to create a Service Task add-on file:
M416AUTOMATED STEPCreate your own Auto-Step for Business Process Definition

How to define choice type data items:
M205DATA ITEMBusiness Data Items

Common use method of Options list:
M319MODELING ENVIRONMENTRegister an Options-XML file to which the Process Model Definitions Refer to

How to define PDF automatic generation task:
M228AUTOMATED STEPAuto Generating PDF File with Business data Inserted

Method of common use of Base-PDF:
M320MODELING ENVIRONMENTRegister Template PDF to which the Process Model Definitions Refer to  

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