Let’s Draw workflow diagrams!

Let’s operate those as

they are!

Do you have any of these challenges?

Each department and position within a company faces different challenges.
Questetra BPM Suite applies to all of them.

Challenges faced by a team

Try to improve QCD*

To eliminate omissions, delays, and errors in business operations as much as possible. *QCD: Quality, Cost, and Delivery

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Challenges faced by Managers

Try to reduce business management costs.

A lot of time is spent on managing the progress of operations, monitoring retention status, and tallying results.

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Challenges faced by developers

Try to improve my development productivity.

System development and operation require a high skill level, which requires securing human resources or outsourcing. In addition, development takes a lot of time.

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Features that Solve Challenges

Improves QCD

Business handling will become by the rules.

Inconsistencies in business quality will be eliminated. In addition, workflow diagrams and process processing screens serve as manuals, reducing handover costs.

Work handing over will be automated.

Once a process is completed, information concerning the job is automatically transferred  to the next, increasing work speed and reducing errors.

Work handing over to external parties will be available.

Depending on the settings, even an external user who does not have an account, such as a contractor, will be able to handle the process on the workflow diagram.

Work handing over between people and the system will become possible.

It will be  possible to link processes like “article creation” by a human and “automatic article submission” by the system. This reduces the labor for double entry and other work. 

You can always visualize the work for which you are responsible.

The “My Tasks List” allows you to always check the processes that you have to process, preventing omissions and delays in the process.

Internal communication is done via chat

Communication and information sharing regarding work processing are possible. Past correspondence can be retained so that the contents can be retrieved.

Reduces operational management costs

Visualization of Progress/retention status will be available.

Since the status of current operations can be shown graphically, problems can be found quickly. 

Visualization of performance and bottlenecks will be possible

On the workflow diagram, the average processing time for each process is shown. This makes it easy to find the points where the operation could be improved. 

Capable of analyzing and graphing business data

The system can graphically display aggregate data results such as the number of processes completed and the  price amount of received orders for each process, allowing you to analyze your business from multiple perspectives.

Improves development productivity

Business systems can be built by simply drawing a workflow diagram.

Create workflow diagrams by arranging process icons and other parts with simple mouse operations. You can build a business system with no code.

Automated processing by API integration with other cloud services is possible

Several automated steps, like adding a record to a Google Spreadsheet or uploading a Box file, can be added to the process. 

Various automatic processes can be built in with no code. Automatic processing can be built in.

Various automatic processes, such as automatic PDF generation, automatic calculations, character merging, etc., can be incorporated into the process.

Other Characteristics

  • Take advantage of our 60-day free trial!
  • You can use the paid version at no initial cost, even for a short period!

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We offer extensive support!

  • Support varies depending on the edition.
  • Professional editions are supported by video chat.

Case Studies

Many customers use Questetra BPM Suite

Doro Kensetsu Co., Ltd.

Doro Kensetsu Co., Ltd. has utilized Questetra BPM Suite to organize and systematize the business processes such as cost management of road-paving works. The BPM also has helped the company reduce the time taken to approve by 50% in audit flows of deliverables such as budgets.

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Applied Technology Co., LTD

The company digitalizes the order inspection flow for system development, which enables approval and final approval of orders to be made outside the office. The period to the final approval shortens by more than 50%.

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Sanshin Electronics Co., Ltd

The company has succeeded in making operations paperless: 350 orders and 1,500 applications in a year, which has reduced input errors, labor, and management costs by 50%.

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