Cloud BPM v12.2: OneDrive Connectivity Equipped

Further convenience for Microsoft 365 users


Kyoto, Japan, October 12th, 2020, Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM) today announced that they have published the new version 12.2 of the Cloud-based Workflow product “Questetra BPM Suite” on Oct. 12th, 2020. This new version 12.2 allows building a mechanism that automatically uploads files for business use to Microsoft OneDrive with standard functions.

Home-based remote working is rapidly becoming widespread during the COVID-19 quarantine and work style reforms. Along with that, the use of cloud storage (online storage), which allows files to be shared and managed safely, is expanding.

So far, Questetra BPM Suite has been providing automatic processing features for connecting with the cloud storage services Google Drive and Box to upload files or to create folders, etc. Starting with the new version, it will also be possible to incorporate automated processing to do the same with Microsoft OneDrive.

For example, if you are doing market research, the final checked Research Report will be automatically uploaded to a folder in the Microsoft OneDrive. You can improve efficiency and prevent mistakes such as forgetting to upload or uploading to a wrong folder, in comparison with uploading manually.

Questetra BPM Suite

Cloud-based Workflow Questetra BPM Suite is a business platform for realizing paperless environments and remote-working. Business issues are controlled according to a Business Flow Diagram. When a Process reaches a Human Task the user will be asked to add their input. Also, when an issue reaches an automated Step the predetermined processing (server-side processing) such as Generating a PDF and Saving it to cloud storage is performed automatically. (BPM: Business Process Management)

You can apply it to various business operations such as Approval request flow, Document translation flow, Quality check process, and Invoice issuance process. Process owners of each Business Process can practice the Improvement of Business Processes little by little in daily work. (Examples of Business Flow Diagram:

Automatic file upload etc. to Microsoft OneDrive

The Service Task of automatically uploading files to OneDrive (Microsoft 365 Business) is now available. Moreover, creating folders, deleting, and duplicating files/folders is possible. You will be able, for example, to automatically delete files stored in OneDrive after a specified period of time.

 *Available in Editions of Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise

Other Improvements

Box Copy Files

Using this Service Task, you can duplicate the files stored in your Box storage. For example, files in folders that are accessible to employees only can be automatically duplicated in a folder that is open to the public to be shared.

 *Available in Editions of Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise

Tasks list display sorted by Title

You can now sort the list of Tasks by Titles such as in My Tasks and All Processes. For example, if the Service Task (Data Assignment) is set so that the Title begins with the company name, the Task list can be sorted in order of the supplier name.

 *Available in all Editions

Added GraalJS to script execution engine

GraalVM JavaScript (GraalJS) has now been added to the execution engine that can be used in the Script Task.

 *Available in Editions of Professional and Enterprise

See the release notes for details.

Ver. 12.2 Release Note:

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