Cloud BPM v11.8 Webform Standby has Enhanced
Answer deadline on Post-event-survey questionnaire


Kyoto, Japan – October 22nd, 2018 – Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 11.8 of the Cloud-based Workflow product « Questetra BPM Suite » on Oct. 22nd, 2018. This new version allows setting an expiration to intermediate Steps which await web form input by outsiders. (Form Standby feature)

Workflow system nowadays is widely used not only as a « tool to promote paperless for work that has been done on paper documents » but also as « tool to visualize stagnation at departments in the company ». It is becoming to be considered as a « core tool » to realize « labor reform » and « productivity improvement » within the company. However, there are many cases, in daily business processes, where to have to be waiting for additional information from people outside the company.

The cloud-based Workflow « Questetra BPM Suite » has equipped various features for receiving additional information in the middle of a flow, On the new version 11.8, it becomes possible to set up the expiration to the « Steps for receiving additional information ». Specifically, it is possible to set the deadline to, such as, a) the Step of « Acceptance report by customer » in the Delivery process, b) the Step of « Request participants a questionnaire » after the event is over in the Event participation reception process, and c) the Step of « Receiving additional information after confirming the existence of the email address » in the Membership registration process. With these, you can achieve a smoother business process environment with no stagnation.

Questetra BPM Suite

Cloud-based Workflow « Questetra BPM Suite » is a business platform for realizing environments of paper-less and remote-working.
Business issues are controlled according to Business Flow Diagram. When a Process reaches Human Task, the user will be asked to input. Also, when an issue reaches to automated Step, the predetermined processing (server-side processing) such as “Generate PDF” and “Save to cloud storage” is performed automatically. (BPM: Business Process Management)

You can apply it to various business operations such as « Approval request flow », « Document translation flow », Quality check process, « Invoice issuance process ». Process owner of each Business Process can practice « improvement of Business Process » little by little in daily work. (Examples of Business Flow Diagram: )

Form Standby feature

When an « information addition web form » that accepts input from outside person who does not have a user account or a « Webhook reception » which waits for HTTP request is placed in the middle of a Workflow, it is possible to set the deadline of it, and to define the flow of processing after reaching the deadline respectively. With this, if there is no input before the deadline due date, it will be possible to take actions such as advancing the Process with closing the form as private or continue waiting after automatically sending an email that prompts input.


Other Improvements

Data conversion to DateTime type from Date type

It becomes possible to convert Date type data into DateTime type using Service Task (Data assignment). By doing so, configurations such as, once you entered the « Bill issuance date (Date type) » the bill will be sent automatically by email at 9 am on the day, is possible.

Transition after submitting web form

In « Receive Task (Form) », it becomes possible to navigate to the arbitrary page (URL) after submission of the form completed. By displaying your own page, it allows showing your message or leading the submitter to the next action.

Enhancement/improvement on Add-on management

At the time of uploading an Add-on file, it becomes to calculate hash and retain/display it. With the hash value, you are able to identify with Add-on files in your local folder. And it will be checked as an error when trying to register the same file. In addition, the flow of procedure is separated to new registration and overwrite registration (updating of existing file) so that improve convenience.

* Please see our Release note for the detail of New Features
Version 11.8 Release note:

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