Situation of IT Internalization

Looking at statistics from the Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan’s DX White Paper 2021 and IT Human Resources White Paper 2016 show that in the case of Japan the ratio of outsourced system development and operation work (including IT subsidiaries) at domestic companies is decreasing year by year, and internalization is advancing.

For the in-house business process designing, which is one of the operations to be becoming more internalized, the tendency to be moved away from the internal IT department and be directly handled by business units is increasing year by year.

Issues and Solutions for Internalization of IT Operations

The main benefits of internalizing IT operations include reduction of outsourcing costs, shortening of development times, understanding of the system, and accumulation of know-how about the system.

As you can see, there are many advantages to in-house production, but there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantages include the possibility of lower system quality and the need to secure IT personnel.

No-code/low-code development is a way to solve this problem.

No-code development is a strong ally for business units and other organizations that need to be directly in charge of IT operations. In addition, if an internal IT department needs to develop something a little more complex, low-code development, which includes programming, can meet advanced requirements.

How to Internalize IT Operations with No Code

With Questetra BPM Suite, a cloud-based workflow, it is possible to develop a business system with little or no code.

Features of Questetra BPM Suite

 – No-code, quick and easy to build business applications.

  • The workflow diagram created on the screen becomes a business application as it is.

 – You can handle your work reliably without any mistakes.

  • Tasks are processed according to the workflow diagram.
  • Tasks to be processed are announced and entered into My Tasks.

 – Automatic processing increases the speed and quality of work.

  • Business data can be inserted and e-mails can be sent automatically.
  • Automatic processing is possible by linking APIs with external cloud services.

 – You can visualize business progress and performance.

  • Progress and results for each task can be grasped on a workflow diagram.

Benefits of Questetra BPM Suite

 – Digitization can be done easily within the company to improve the quality of work and streamline operations.

 – Workflow diagrams will document your operations.

 – Everyone can perform their work according to the rules, reducing unevenness in work.

 – The baton of work is automatically passed from process to process. 

 – Work can proceed smoothly and work hours can be reduced. 

 – API integration with multiple cloud services is possible.

 – It can automatically process the cloud services that are linked to it.

 – It can automate many other task processes such as sending emails and creating PDFs.

We would like to recommend Questetra BPM Suite for designing business processes and digitizing business processes in the in-house production of IT operations.

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