*The name of « G Suite » was changed into « Google Workspace » in October 2020

Types of Integration of G Suite and Questetra
I have summarized concrete cases of cooperation between G Suite and Questetra.

Hi there,

There are many cases of utilizing Questetra, a cloud-based workflow, in cooperation with G Suite (formerly Google Apps, which is a groupware provided by Google).
The topic of federation with G Suite is talked often in our Customer stories, as well as those I heard about other than them. The Customer stories are as follows.

Likewise, we Questetra ourselves are using collaboration with G Suite so that we achieve efficiency in various businesses.

Because of such a situation, there are quite a lot of occasions I was asked that what kind of collaboration between G Suite and Questetra can be done.
Thus, I will introduce what kind of concrete cases there are since there are various cases which are referred to as, even in a word, « collaboration ».

1. Collaboration concerning Authentication and User information
2. Collaboration concerning Google Drive (storage)
3. Collaboration concerning Google Sheets
4. Collaboration concerning Google Calendar
5. Method of collaboration
6. Closing

1. Collaboration concerning Authentication and User information

  1. Single Sign-On with G Suite [Standard]
    (Logging in without ID/Password input if logged in to G Suite)
  2. Incorporating G Suite user, organization, group information [Standard]
    (Retrieve from G Suite and incorporate only necessary parts.)

2. Collaboration concerning Google Drive (storage)

  1. Output the files attached to Questetra and PDF automatically generated by Questetra to Google Drive [Standard]
    (Automatically accumulate automatically generated quotations or invoices in predetermined folders)
  2. Output the files attached to Questetra and PDF automatically generated by Questetra to Google Team Drive [Add-on] * Currently, the standard function doesn’t support Team Drive.
    (Automatically accumulate the file attachments in predetermined folders.)
  3. Launch a Questetra workflow by Google Form entry [Standard]
    (Once someone inputs in the application form, the corresponding business flow starts after the application.)
  4. Embed images on Google Drive and YouTube videos to Questetra Operating screen [Standard]
    (An explanatory diagram or a manual movie necessary for Task processing is to be inserted in the Operating screen.)
  5. Acquire the file on Google Drive and send as the attachment to the specified destination sequentially. [GAS]
    (Store files in a predetermined folder of Google Drive, making the file names as to identify their destination, and distribute them collectively)

3. Collaboration concerning Google Sheets

  1. Output the flow processing result of Questetra to Google Sheets collectively. [Standard]
    (Manually create a list of expense reimbursement for the month to a Google Sheet.)
  2. Output Questetra data to Google Sheets one by one, aggregate them automatically by Pivot Table of Google Sheets. [Add-on]
    (Automatically aggregate the approved data of decision-making respectively in each department.)
  3. Collectively launch Questetra business flows by a list on Google Sheets. [GAS] * There is an Add-on of GAS.
    (Collectively starts flows at the beginning of the month according to the monthly task list and assign it to each person in charge.)
  4. Google Sheets retrieves data from Questetra and display as a chart. [GAS]
    (A list of expense reimbursement of the month is automatically created in Google Sheets)
  5. Manage the Master data to be used in Questetra on Google Sheets. [GAS]
    (Manage Customer master or Product master in Google Sheets, use them as options in Questetra.)
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4. Collaboration concerning Google Calendar

  1. Create an event on Google Calendar by Questetra. [Add-on]
    (Register the work date time which has been determined by a work request to Google Calendar.)
  2. Start a Questetra workflow based on a schedule on Google Calendar. [GAS]
    (Start a Report flow triggered by a client visit schedule.)
  3. Output a deadline for a Task of Questetra to Google Calendar. [Standard]
    (Register the deadline for requested work to Google Calendar.)
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5. Method of collaboration

Although I will not mention in detail here, there are several types of collaboration.
The « Standard », « Add-on », and « GAS » which are attached to each case in the above description indicate these types.

  • Standard (Standard feature): Cases which are realized with functions that have equipped in Questetra as the standard
  • Add-on (Questetra Service Task Add-on): Cases which are realized with Add-ons that Questetra is capable of incorporating
  • GAS (Google Apps Script): Cases which are realized using Google Apps Script
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Service Task Definition
* This page has various Add-ons for Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, etc.

There are three different types of « Add-ons » for Questetra which are Service Task Add-on, Options Master XML, and Base PDF.
Also, there is a Google Sheets add-on similarly named as « Questetra BPM Suite add-on » (Start processes on Questetra BPM Suite by Google Spreadsheet data.) provided from Google Sheets.

6. Closing

I hope now you understand that collaborations in various cases are possible. I suppose there will be more other cases of collaborations hereafter.

I hope that you will achieve efficiency and automation variously in your business using Questetra and G Suite together.

Please feel free to contact us via Contact form when you have any question.

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