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What are Essential Elements for Telecommuting?

Due to COVID-19 major companies have started paying attention to the idea of telecommuting.
Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages to introducing the telecommuting system.
Therefore, in this article, I will describe some tips such as attendance management of employees, and the working environment, for easing the introduction of the telecommuting system, using some examples.

Automation of measuring a number of steps

«Google Fit» is a platform where fitness records, such as walking, are stored. You can also use API reference to data such as «Distance» or «number of steps» from outside. I ‘m wondering this means that activity reports will automatically include «number of steps».

TMJ, Inc.

Aproximadamente 2000 personas la utilizan. Cambio de Flujo de Trabajo a la BPM en la Nube, capaz de visualizar y estandarizar la migración de groupware. Establecer un ambiente de mejoramiento del negocio donde se pueda promover en cada sitio. Reducción de tiempo de procesamiento en un 40%.

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