Centralized management of Sub-process business data in the Parent Process


Kyoto, Japan, Apr. 16th, 2023, Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 15.0 of the No-Code development platform Questetra BPM Suite. With the new version 15.0, data in Child Processes (Subprocesses) can be referenced from Parent Processes, enabling efficient division of business processes.

A business process, for example, that starts with order acceptance and ends up through billing, contains many detailed works such as customer registration, and multiple departments are concerned with those works. In such a large-scale business process, there were many needs to improve the process for each detailed work or to manage business data by each department. Questetra BPM Suite has responded to such needs with the function of dividing large-scale processes (sub-processing). However, it can be said that there was a problem that the management of divided data became difficult.

In the new version 15.0, the data of multiple divided child processes can be referenced from the parent process, so in addition to managing data for each child process, it is now possible to collectively manage data for all large-scale processes.

What is Questetra BPM Suite

Questetra BPM Suite is a cloud-based business process management system (SaaS BPMS). It has functions such as business flow designing, task automation, and progress management. Visualized business processes and API linkages improve business efficiency and contribute to the improvement of internal communication and collaboration. Because it is easy to customize, it is possible to manage business processes according to each organization. In addition, since it is cloud-based, it can reduce operating costs and be used in a remote environment.

(Examples of BusinessFlowDiagrams: https://questetra.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012492211)

Service Task (Start Child Process)

Reference the Child Process data from the Parent Process

When the Child Process terminates, the data of the Child Process is automatically conveyed to the Parent Process. Only the data allowed in the Child Process can be seen from the Parent Process.

Waits for Child Process to complete

It is now possible to set to wait for Child Process to complete in the interprocess linkage settings. That is, for example, if you have built a mechanism that automatically starts the Shipment Process (Child Process) in the middle of the Order Fulfillment Process (Parent Process), the data (Delivery date, etc.) entered in the Shipment Process (Child Process) can be reflected on the Order Fulfillment Process (Parent Process) side.

* Eligible editions:  Professional

Outline of Child Process data reference

* For details, please refer to the release notes.

Ver. 15.0 Release Notes: https://support.questetra.com/versions/version-150/

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