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I can forget things easily, so my parents used to tell me that I am a forgetful person.

However, Google Calendar, Evernote, the Sticky Notes app, and the Questetra BPM Suite really help me do some decent work. In other words, they can help me manage my work (tasks and operation), but there are a few routine tasks that I must perform.
One of them is to promote the Questetra landing page on Facebook every week. I would like to introduce my ideas for that task using Workflow BPM.

♦Outline and Discussion

You can easily illustrate your job as in the picture above. Some of you may point out that just setting up a repeating reminder in Google Calendar is more convenient, however, there are points that cannot be seen in the picture. For example;

* As there are other tools for public relations, it is necessary to inform the staff inside the office to avoid continuous and overlapping posts
* Easily aggregating the effectiveness of public relations on Facebook and sharing it inside the office (which is difficult to do in Excel)
* As multiple landing pages of Questetra exist, they must be posted in a certain order

We need to implement these things as smoothly as we can. To that end, I usually work by myself, but I think it has to be realized as a workflow. Therefore that comes down to using Questetra, a workflow system where a lot of things can be operated.

♦Improvements and benefits of Workflows

♦♦Make a workflow as it is

You can simply draw a workflow like below (it takes about 15 minutes and works as a workflow system as it is).

You can still manage your work, but it is inadequate to meet the unseen points mentioned above (it’s better than Excel, though).

♦♦Improve the Workflow

Therefore, I drew a workflow diagram using the standard functions featured by Questetra and added some changes to the diagram.

The workflow diagram is as shown above (if you are used to using Questetra you can draw it in about an hour). Actually, I have felt the following benefits while using it:

1. You can forget this task until the next post is scheduled
2. It keeps recording information about the effectiveness
3. If you have forgotten your scheduled post, you receive an email reminder every hour
4. It can easily collect information about effectiveness in real-time
5. It keeps reminding employees about sharing scheduled posts

I suppose these benefits can be realized in a system called BPMS (Business Process Management System). Moreover, I think that Questetra can achieve it with standard functions. If you are interested in further information, please contact us.

* About Documents, we’re afraid you miss an English site

♦Useful and extensible BPMS

Excel, overcoming my weakness and point out copy and paste.

♦♦Not being affected by changes of the person in charge of the task

Even if the person responsible for the Task of creating a landing page to Facebook replaces me with the other staff member, it is almost completed by changing the settings of the workflow (changing the operator and granting the viewing authority of the past data) as illustrated in the figure above. There is no need to explain what the Task is that needs to be processed or the due date, so any instructions are unnecessary (though it’s a little rough).

♦♦Respond to work improvement instructions

Business improvement orders are requested by superiors to prevent the recurrence of troubles, such as wording errors in the comments, or incorrect landing page URL, which are human errors. Therefore, I recommend you to set a «double-check» Task. You can see the following workflow diagram when you apply it.

You can create the workflow in about 5 minutes, but internal adjustments such as determining the person in charge of double-checking are necessary. This is quite troublesome for you, therefore I would like you to spend your time considering and preparing essential prevention measures rather than on system support.

♦♦Aiming for more efficiency

The task of creating post content must be done by humans. You always have to change it every time (due to seasonal greetings and popular topics). However, except for creating content, efficiency gains from automation may be possible to a certain degree.

For example, the following things are possible:

* Automatically setting a template for the next post content after reviewing the previous one
* Automatically receiving posts and information on Facebook using APIs and RPA tools
These things would be a high level to you because you need to understand the API specifications, RPA tools and be able to use Questetra’s add-on features.

I would like to implement them if I find the current workflow troublesome and forget the settings of Facebook (means ROI: return on investment).


As you have seen how it works with Questetra, I think it can be done with other sophisticated workflow systems and BPMS as well. If you expect to use it, please refer to it.

Questetra provides a trial environment. If you apply for a Starter
you can try it easily.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to try the «Facebook Posting Management App».

* About Documents, we’re afraid you miss an English site
Incidentally, I also use other task management apps, so I will add other posts if I have an opportunity to introduce those Apps.

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