*The name of «G Suite» was changed into «Google Workspace» in October 2020

The Catalogue of G Suite Workflow Products
I have been using cloud type Office, ‘G Suite’ since our company was established in April 2008. It’s convenient, so Questetra is a workflow product that works with G Suite.

The number of workflow products connecting with G Suite has increased due to more companies adopting G Suite.


Table of Contents
1. What is G Suite
2. What is a G Suite integrated Workflow
3. The Scope of Workflow
4. What are the G Suite workflow products
5. Tips on how to choose the best G Suite Workflow Product
6. Conclusion


1. What is G Suite

It’s hard to explain it well.

However, in short words, Google will maintain a business email address (i.e. ‘example@questetra.com’ instead of ‘example@gmail.com’, therefore running the internal mail server is not useful anymore.

G Suite has the same interface as Gmail, which not only accustoms you easily but lets a lot of people use it immediately.
You can also set up a calendar (Google Calendar) and document management (Google Drive) as well as e-mail (Gmail). With these facts, Questetra applied on the day the company was founded (April 2008).

G Suite launched the trial operation in August 2006, the full-scale for enterprise in February 2007 ( then called «Google Apps Premier Edition»), the official blog in November 2009 making it easier to access information.


2. What is a G Suite integrated Workflow

Working on a smartphone and a tablet while transferring or going outside becomes common, for example:

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Schedule sharing
  • File management

Moreover, If you handle those tasks with G Suite, you’ll want to handle the rest of your tasks online. For example:

  • Sending a request for approval
  • Applying for expenses
  • Adjusting transportation expense

However, it’s hard for you to handle those tasks online merely with G Suite features. Therefore, many companies have two options – (1) introducing workflow products, (2) paper workflow.

Incidentally, I think a workflow product is a mechanism to deliver task information online, and I suppose a G Suite integrated workflow product is one that can use and store data in G Suite.

*For the Executive government and large corporations, it is certainly meaningful to protect the traditional manner – paper workflow. However, I think most organizations should follow the trend of the information society.


3. The Scope of Workflow

There are various ways to deliver task information online.

  • Daily reports (internal report)
  • Approving estimates
  • Handling complaints
  • Tasks from the automatic generation of estimates to their delivery and issuing invoices
  • Tasks from the arrangement of dispatching field engineers to the recording of the outline of the visit

The functions required for workflow products change depending on the types of workflows you want to bring online. If the workflow is complex you must prepare a workflow product that supports looping and concurrent processing for that.

4. What are the G Suite workflow products

On the day when Google Apps Marketplace was launched, Questetra applied for the workflows category.

The next day, when 4 products were listed, I remember that Questetra’s entry from Japan was somehow unusual. However, that gave us an opportunity to be interviewed by TechCrunch, the global media.

Questetra Helps Managing Business Processes Via The Web, Supports Google Apps (2010-03-16)
«It’s also one of the first applications distributed through the Google Apps Marketplace that launched just last week.»

And now, 40 systems have been listed.

  • Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition: $5~$10
  • Streamline: $3
  • cloudstep Workflow : unknown
  • Gluegent Flow: $3 per user
  • rakumo: $3

Meanwhile, there are some G-Suite workflow products that haven’t been listed on the Marketplace, yet.

  • Sateraito Office/ Workflow for Google Apps
  • Tsunayoshi Workflow: $2
  • Agileworks G Suite: $2.4million
  • X-point2 G Suite:$6000
  • Cloud Gate UNO: $2
  • DSK Option Service Workflow: unknown
The number of services running on the GAE platform has increased (Google App Engine: A server software environment launched as a paid version service in February 2009). It runs on the platform of the PaaS system provided by Google so operating costs can be reduced. However, in many cases, that means workflows that are only available to G Suite users. Moreover, Questetra also considered running the system on the GAE platform several times, but the server software is so big that it’s not realistic to let the system run on the GAE PaaS.


5. Tips on how to choose the best G Suite Workflow Product

I only can say the selection should be made based on the careful consideration of the tasks to be handled online. In other words, it cannot be said that all companies seek Questetra’s products.
Specifically, I considered the following things.

  • The number of types of workflow
  • Complexity of each workflow
  • Necessity of mechanical processing (automatic processing)
  • The number of tasks (Issues) flowing to them
*Questetra publishes all the actual service levels. In 2012, we marked four nines (99.99% availability record) while three (99.9%) is an industrial standard. Please refer to the following URL if you’re interested. (https://questetra.com/security/)


6. Conclusion

Questetra provides a starter plan so that you can use the application immediately.

Moreover, you can integrate with G Suite even in the free version as much as you want, although there are some restrictions, such as automatic suspension after 15 days and the number of available users (10 users)
If you are interested, please feel free to apply for it!

Starter Plan (Free)



PS. By the way, if you simply search Japanese workflow products, you can see so many products…

  • 1. R@bitFlow: RICOH JAPAN :$5million
  • 2. X-point・AgileWorks: ATLED: $5
  • 3. rakumo: rakumo inc. : $3
  • 4. SpaceFinder: DAIKIN INDUSTRIES,LTD : 3million for 25 licences
  • 5. intra-mart: NTT DATA INTRAMART: unknown
  • 6. Workflow EX: Knowlbo: unknown
  • 7. rakrak workflow: Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd.: unknown
  • 8. Cybouzu Garoon: Cybozu, Inc.: $8
  • 9. Streamline: mitori :$3
  • 10. WaWaFlow: iii@oec: $4
  • 11. J-MOTTO Workflow: Rismon Business Portal Co., Ltd.: $20
  • 12. DocGear Cabinet: Shachihata Inc. : $8000 (excluding tax)
  • 13. LS CloudWare: LittleSoft Corporation : $3
  • 14. MajorFlow Cloud: Panasonic Net Solutions Co., Ltd: $300
  • 15. OpenCube WorkFlow R/1 for SharePoint: NTT DATA Smart Sourcing Corporation: $5000
  • 16. Create!Webflow: Infotec,Inc :$6000
  • 17. Questetra BPM Suite: Questetra : $10 per user/ Free
  • 18. EXPLANNER/FL・FlowLites: NEC Corporation $3million
  • 19. Organizational Workflow : NextSet, Inc : $1
  • 20. Web Plant: Canon IT Solutions Inc :$2million
  • 21. Gluegent Flow: Gluegent, Inc: $3
  • 22. ArielAirOne Enterprise: Works Applications Co., Ltd: unknown
  • 23. Activiti: Alfresco Software, Inc: unknown
  • 24. Cloudstep Workflow: Systena Corporation: $30
  • 25. Integrated WorkFlow: NCI SYSTEMS INTEGRATION, INC: unknown
  • 26. Hi-PerBT Workflow: Hitachi Solutions, Ltd: unknown
  • 27. WebSERVE smart workflow: Fujitsu System Solutions: $5000
  • 28. ExchangeUSE: Fuji Electric IT Solutions Co., Ltd: $7000
  • 29. Tsunayoshi Workflow : Yoshidumi: $2
  • 30. Sateraito Office/ Workflow for Google Apps: Sateraito Office: $1 per user
  • 31. Business Desingner: UNION THINK CO, LTD: unknown
  • 32. GlobalFlow5: Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd: $7000
  • 33. eValue V: OTSUKA CORPORATION: $3000
  • 34. desknet’s NEO: NEOJAPAN Inc $7
  • 35. Kaiden!: Sumitomo Life Information Systems Co., Ltd: unknown
  • 36. Redmine: Jean-Philippe Lang: $149
  • 37. Image Flow Foundation: Nihon Unisys, Ltd: unknown
  • 39. SmartDB: DreamArts Corporation : $3000
  • 40. ActionPassport: eNet Solutions Co.,Ltd : $10 per user
  • 41. Box Workflow: BoxWorks: $5 per user
  • 42. Galileopt NX-I: MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE CO: $3 million
  • 43. Next Workflow: LINKcom Inc: $5000
  • 44. IntrameriT Workflow: TSUZUKI DENKI CO., LTD: $4 per user
  • 45. Lysithea Flow: Hitachi Solutions、Ltd: $4 per user
  • 46. ExiveFlow: MARUBENI IT SOLUTIONS INC. : $2million
  • 47. NI Collabo Smart: NI Consulting Co., Ltd: $4
  • 48. Joyzo (kintone): JOYZO, INC: $30
  • 50. OpenText Process360: Open Text Corporation: $7000
  • 51. Nintex Workflow 2013: Abalance Group: $1.5million
  • 52. PCADream21: PCA CORPORATION: $500 per user
  • 53. Rugthyme® Workflow: Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation: unknown
  • 54. Dugong: DENSAN CO., LTD.: unknown
  • 55. ThemiStruct Workflow: OGIS-RI Co., Ltd.: unknown


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