When attracting visitors to a site, it is important to monitor the number of hits on each page to determine which pages are growing and which pages to connect to next.

In this article, we will show you how to automate the process of checking site traffic/access rankings in Google Analytics with no code.

How to Get Access Numbers Automatically

Tools to be Prepared (Cloud Services)

The following two tools are required to automatically obtain site traffic and access rankings with no code.

  • Questetra BPM Suite
  • Google Analytics

In the cloud-based workflow Questetra BPM Suite, you can build a system in which various information (*1) such as the number of page views and sessions can be obtained by using items that automatically obtain the number of accesses. In addition, you can choose from multiple methods (*2) to report the results.

The Google Analytics access analysis service responds to a request from Questetra BPM Suite (a request to obtain access data that matches the set conditions) and passes back the access data. (It is assumed that the site measurement settings have already been implemented.)

※1. The main information that can be retrieved is as follows:
(the specified site/host/page and the specified time period)

  • Page view ranking
  • Number of page views
  • Number of unique page views
  • Number of sessions
  • Number of browsing starts

※2. The main methods that can be specified are as follows

  • Automatic sending of emails to designated addresses
  • Automatic posting to Slack
  • Autofill in Google Sheets
  • Autofill into Google Docs
  • Auto save to Google Drive

Mechanism for Automatic Retrieval

In Questetra BPM Suite, you set the information and measurement conditions of the site for which you want to acquire access data. Based on the information, the corresponding access data is automatically acquired from Google Analytics. The acquired information is imported into Questetra BPM Suite and reported in a pre-defined way.

Steps to Obtain Access Rankings

In Questetra BPM Suite, if you set up the workflow diagram as shown in the image below to automatically obtain the access ranking, the flow up to obtaining the access ranking will be as follows.

  1. Automatic process (timer start item): A process (a series of tasks on a workflow diagram that transitions from start to finish) is automatically started every Monday at 8:00 a.m.
  2. Automatic process (Google Analytics access count automatic acquisition item): Access data that meets the set conditions is acquired from Google Analytics, which is linked to the API.
  3. Automatic process (automatic email sending items): Automatically send emails according to the set recipients/contents. Depending on the settings, the access data acquired in step 2 will be inserted into the contents of the email. (Data formatting is also possible.)
Workflow diagram image for automatic acquisition of access rankings
Image of access rankings email sent automatically

How to Utilize in Business Processes

One of the features of Questetra BPM Suite is the ability to link the operations of multiple people/departments. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate a flow in which the number of accesses is automatically obtained into a business process involving multiple people.

The workflow diagram below illustrates the workflow process by which personnel from the Human Resources, Marketing, and Customer Service departments request production staff to create/update pages on departmental websites.

Example of site creation/confirmation process

The specific process is as follows.

  1. Manual process: Each department requests page production.
  2. Manual process: A production manager receives a request. (Page creation/update)
  3. Manual process: Each department checks the deliverables.
  4. Automatic processing process (conditional branch item): If there is a request for correction, the process moves to the correction step (correction is requested to the person in charge of production), and if there is no correction, the process is terminated.

Add to this business process the automated process (Google Analytics Access Count Automatic Acquisition Items) described earlier.

This makes it possible to automatically obtain (and receive automatic reports on) the number of accesses to pages that have been created, as shown below. (In other words, the business process can be set up to measure the effectiveness of the page after its creation.)

  1. Automatic process (Timer item): After waiting for 7 days (a preset period of time), the next process will automatically move to the next process.
  2. Automatic process (Data Update item): The created site/page information is automatically set.
  3. Automatic process (Google Analytics Access Count Automatic Acquisition item): Google Analytics data is automatically acquired based on the site/page information set in step 2.
  4. Automatic process (automatic email sending item): An email is sent to a predefined destination with predefined contents (e.g. by inserting the access data obtained in step 3).

Thus, with Questetra BPM Suite you can automate analysis of site access with no code. You can build a business system by creating a workflow diagram.

By automating the retrieval of access counts, you can focus on looking at the data and developing strategies that would normally require a person to spend time on. If you are interested in this service, please try it yourself.

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