Easy Way to Create a Webform Capable of File Attachment
Introducing a way to create a form which is capable of file attachment that is impossible with Google Form.
I suppose there may be a frequent case where you want to arrange a simple Webform to receive some kind of data. In such cases, «Google Form» would be used mostly. However, if you want it to be possible to attach a file, «Google Form» is not capable of.

Thus, I would like to introduce to you an example of creating a Webform that is capable of file attachment, and an actual utilization of it, using “Questetra BPM Suite“.


1: To create a Webform that files can be attached
2: Case Study of Utilizing a Webform which is Capable of File Attachment


1: To create a Webform that files can be attached

First, I would like to explain how data will flow when Webform is created in «Questetra BPM Suit»”.

If preparing in the minimal configuration, it will be only: Register data on Webform -> Store the data in Questetra BPM Suite”.
(To the Data stored in the «Questetra BPM Suite», you are able to search and extraction or to export in CSV format.) However, since it may be usual that sending a thanks email for confirmation upon registration, I am going to configure as far as “Email Auto-sending”.

Now, I am going to explain how to configure. You need to carry out setting on “Questetra BPM Suite” for the flow of operations and Data Items.


Step 1

Regarding the flow of the operation, it begins with «Message Start Event (Form)»to be Started from a Webform, and then goes to «Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)» to send an email, and goes to End.

Regarding «Message Start Event (Form)», please see «M220AUTO STARTAuto Starting Triggered by Published Web Form Entry» for the details. Also, regarding «Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)», please see «M224AUTO EVENTAuto Sending of Email with Business data Inserted» for the details.


Step 2

Regarding Data Items, arrange these three; i.e. Name (String type), Email address (String type), Photo image (File type).


Step 3

Select Items that you want to show on the Webform. You can check its appearance in Form Preview screen.


Step 4

Set up wording on Email to send. It is also possible to embed entered data.


Step 5

Save the Developing Workflow App and Release it, then it is ready. Regarding the URL of the Webform, you can confirm it in the property screen of “Message Start Event (Form)”.


Generated Web form

The Web form we have created this time looks like below. Although we have set nothing for its appearance in this sample that we have created, it is also available to insert images, to display Items side-by-side, to insert explanatory notes and hyperlinks, etc.



2: Case Study of Utilizing a Webform which is Capable of File Attachment

I would like to introduce a case of The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants as an example.


For the commemorative edition of their newsletter for 500th issuance, they were going to post the names and photos and personal mottos of each member. So they needed an environment to collect data for that.

Therefore, I was helping them in preparing a Web form that was capable of attachment of photo image files using”Questetra BPM Suite”. Also, they needed to pass the collected data to the printing firm, they had registered an account for the printing firm so that data were conveyed via “Questetra BPM Suite”.

They were very satisfied for being able to arrange the environment quickly with less cost. Below is the image of actual web form.



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