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In the article «Examples of Collaborations with Other Systems and BPM Workflow (June, 2019)» which I wrote previously, I mentioned that Questera BPM Suite is capable of integrating with various messaging services. Recently, I have been receiving an increasing number of questions about cooperation with Microsoft Teams are increasing, so I will explain this in a little more in detail.

・When Workflow and chat service are linked
・Examples of integration by Questetra customers
・How to implement integration between Questetra and a messaging service


When Workflow and chat service are linked

In integrating Workflow and messaging services, the following would be usually required.
 ・Sharing a situation in real time by posting messages such as reporting the result of an approval
 ・Starting Workflows from messaging service thread if necessary

When the former is achieved, the progress of businesses you will be able to follow the progress of daily business from looking at your messaging service. And in the latter case, you can make work requests through the messaging service. By implementing both, you will be able to handle the work in Workflow similar to using ChatOps.

In this post I will explain how to implement the former, for which configuring settings on the Questetra side is required.

Incidentally, configuring the settings on the messaging service side will be needed for the latter. For example, if you use Slack, you will prepare a slash command.
In Questetra, you can easily prepare the endpoints for starting Workflows triggered by receiving HTTP requests using Message Start Event (HTTP) or Message Start Event (Webhook), if you can set up the sending of HTTP requests on the messaging service side.
However, I won’t describe settings concerning that in this post, so please refer to the following article.
Related Manual: → M221: Auto Start Triggered by HTTP Request

Questetra has a social networking function called «Open Chat.»
It has feature that it can link messages with Issues (Processes) in the Workflow. I often hear about cases where it is being used to supplement each Issue or for request management related to Workflow settings. I suppose that you may be already using another messaging service, so I hope that you can use both of them for different purposes.
Related Manual → M119: Enterprise Social Networking Open Company-Wide
Add-on (Service Task Definition) for integration → Post to OpenChat


Examples of integration by Questetra customers

Questetra customer’s case articles that mention the use of the messaging service are listed below. In each case, the messaging service has been used well for proceeding with business smoothly.


How to implement integration between Questetra and messaging service

It is common for the messaging service which is the receiver side to have an endpoint that receives JSON via the REST API. The details of the specifications differ for each service, so please check the documentation for each service provider. Also, we have articles that explain how to link to each service. Please refer to them as well.

There are 4 ways to send HTTP requests in Questetra. I recommend the first two methods for which Service Tasks (Add-on) have been prepared for major messaging services. Whereas, for services where an Add-on has not yet been prepared, you need to verify if you can implement using the last two methods.

  • Utilize the standard equipped Service Task (Add-on)
    The method utilizing preinstalled functions

    Related Tutorial → Posting Message to Slack
    * Concerning Add-on XML for integrating with Slack, there are several types which can be installed by the User besides the standards.
     Variations of Slack integration






Thus, posting from messaging services can be implemented easily. That is, you can build an environment for proceeding with your business more smoothly. If you are interested, please try the following free environment.

If you have any questions or consultation, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.


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