In Recommendation for Automation – Responding to Requests for Information Using Box (Part 1) a mechanism was established to automatically send an email containing a URL for viewing documents when a name and email address are entered on a document request form.

This article will show you how to build a no-code system for sending emails with document files attached.

No-Code Development Platform Questetra BPM Suite

We will be using the cloud-based no-code development platform Questetra BPM Suite to automate operations.

In Questetra BPM Suite, you can develop a business system using only a web browser. The business system is built through the creation of workflow diagrams. In the constructed system, it is not only the business data that is digitized.

The system automates the transfer of business information between people, and also automates processes such as numerical calculations, data analysis and formatting, and email transmission. Furthermore, data integration with other cloud services can be automated.

No-Code Development Platform Questetra BPM Suite Overview

Such automation is achieved by placing items in the workflow diagram that will be automatically processed in some way at the desired time. For example, once the Quality Control Manager approves an inspection report, the report file is uploaded to Box.

Various automation items available in Questetra BPM Suite will allow you to automate your operations easily.

Box Cloud Storage File Download

Box is a cloud storage service for businesses. The Box case studies page lists over 100,000 customers and 67% are Fortune 500 companies (confirmed 2022-02-15).

The following automation items provided in the Questetra BPM Suite (v13.3.0) introduced in the previous section are related to Box.

  • Box: Upload File
  • Box: Copy File
  • Box: Move File
  • Box: Create Shared Link to File
  • Box: Delete Shared Link of File
  • Box: Delete File
  • Box: Download File
  • Box: Create Folder
  • Box: Search Folder
  • Box: Create Shared Link to Folder
  • Box: Delete Shared Link of Folder
  • Box: Delete Folder
  • Box: Add Collaboration
  • Box: Delete Collaboration

The mechanism we will create in the next section will use [Box: Download File] (shown above in bold).

Automated Attaching of Files to Emails in Response to Requests for Information

We will build a system in which the following processes are performed.

  • The person requesting the information enters their name and email address in the information request form.
  • The material/files prepared in Box are downloaded to Questetra BPM Suite.
  • An email with the document attached is sent to the person requesting the document.

Everything is handled automatically, except for the initial input of the name and email address by the person requesting the information.

First, we will create a workflow diagram of this operation. (The following is constructed with Questetra BPM Suite)

Workflow Diagram for Requesting Information

In this workflow, only the item circled in green on the far left, [1. Information Request Form] is processed by humans. Once the name and email address are entered here, the subsequent steps are processed in the following order.

  • In [2. Document Download], the document file saved in Box will be downloaded to Questetra BPM Suite.
  • In [3. Email to Requester], the downloaded file is attached to an email and sent to the requester.
Prepare file materials and set up automated items
From requesting to receiving materials

Set the file ID of the document file saved in the Box in advance to «C2: File ID to download» in [2. Document Download]. The file ID of the document file is a part of the URL of the file (the blue part below).

When a request for information is made, the requestor will be able to review the information in the file attached to the email they receive.

Fully automated information request workflow


In the same way as in Recommendation for Automation – Responding to Requests for Information Using Box (Part 1) we introduced a method for building a fully automated system that requires no human involvement once a name and email address have been entered on a request form.

The difference from Part 1 is that the document file is attached to the email.

If the material file is large, Part 1 may be better. However, this time around the number of items used in the workflow diagram is smaller and requires less setup effort.

Furthermore, the recipient can check the contents of the attached file as soon as he opens the received email, depending on the email receiving software. The effort of the email recipient is also small.

This fully automated system reduces the time and effort required for attacahing files compared to a manual process. In addition, it prevents mistakes such as forgetting to respond to a request, delay, sending an incorrect file, or misdirecting the email.

By using the automation items provided in Questetra BPM Suite, a no-code development platform used for automation, you can build a system in which files are automatically downloaded from Box and automatically attached, even if you have no knowledge or experience with Box’s API (Application Programming Interface).

Questetra BPM Suite is available on a 60-day free trial basis. If you are interested please apply from the following link.

There are still a variety of automated operations that can be achieved. We will introduce them in future articles.

That’s all for this time!


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