Cloud BPM v11.3 supports Shared Service-Task
Automated task such as “Date Formatting” and “Slack Posting” is available for companywide


Kyoto, Japan – March 13rd, 2017 – Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 11.3 of the Cloud-based Workflow product “Questetra BPM Suite” on Mar 13rd, 2017. In this new version, “automatic steps” utilized in various departments within the company can be managed unitary.

When modeling daily works such as “Quotation process” or “Invoice process” into Workflow systems, the Process owner (Workflow designer) defines the process by arranging several “Human Tasks” and “Automated Tasks”. However, if you wanted to place an automated task that is not included as a standard modeling element, you had to download or make your own definition file (Addon XML) and import it individually for each modeling so far. Since the new version 11.3, it is possible to share definition files.

With this function, in a company with many desk works of document preparation for Japanese government agencies for example, if the automated task of “Date Format Converter for JP” has been shared, you will be able to call it from any department. Alternatively, if an automated task which “Auto-Posting to Slack” has been shared in a company where promoting work progress to be posted to Slack, it will be possible to easily design Workflows containing it in any department. (Slack: Cloud based enterprise social network service which is widely used as a communication platform)

User companies will be able to improve their own productivity with automation.


Questetra BPM Suite

Cloud-based Workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” is a business platform for realizing environments of paper-less and remote-working. When a process reaches “Human task”, the user will be asked to input. If it reaches “Automated task”, server-side scripting will be executed. (BPM: Business Process Management)

Since it is possible to add arbitrary “Automated tasks” besides ones incorporated as standard such as “PDF Auto-Generation” and “Auto-Save to Google Drive”, you will be able to promote “Labor saving” or “Error rate reduction” or “Eliminating fraud”, etc., proactively in accordance with the management issues. More than 500 downloadable samples have been published for your convenience. (


Shared File feature

By importing the service definition file (Addon XML) describing the contents of processing of the server-side in advance, you can use Service-Task not included in the standard menu as a modeling element. Starting with version 11.3, you can import it as a shared addon that can be used across the entire business platform. You can place this Service-Task to any work you are modeling.


Other Improvements

Smartphone Interface

Improved to a responsive interface to support multiple devices. In Version 11.3, we have greatly improved screen to confirm the details of the content of the Issue, and the screen for operating the Issues in My Tasks.

Personal Default of Listing

It is now possible to specify the default value for the number of items to display when displaying the list, such as Operation history of your own or Issues you have Started. Each user can select from “10 items / 20 items / 50 items / 100 items”.

Dependency on Shared-File

You can check which App is referring the shared-file in a list. It will be helpful for the maintenance of;

  1. “Options Master” to be referred by Select type data item setting,
  2. “PDF Form” (Template PDF) to be referred by the Service-Task for PDF Auto-Generation,
  3. “Addon XML” for adding modeling elements.


Release Note for the detail:


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