Questetra, Inc. will change the service system of the cloud-based business process management, Questetra BPM Suite from July 1st, 2020.

Specifically, we will shift from two service systems to four.

Service System (current)

  • Business
  • VIP

Service System (from July 2020)

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Responding to increasingly complex automation functions

The cloud-based business process management system Questetra BPM Suite is capable of equipping various automatic processes in the middle of workflows.

In recent years, simple processes such as PDF file generation and cloud storage have been successively replaced by automated processes. Such efforts for automation and labor-saving can no longer be called „differentiation measures“. In the current DX era, it may be more of an „essential activity“.

Questetra, Inc. has released many implementation methods for automatic processing on the server-side. However, since many of them were unguaranteed and used at the user’s own risk, they did not necessarily meet the needs of customers (users). With the prospect of more complex automation needs in the future, we would like to provide assurance of operation for as many automatic processing functions as possible.

  • Basic: Automatic data update, automatic email transmission
  • Advanced: Automatic cloud connection
  • Professional: PDF auto-generation, addition of self-made auto-processing
  • Enterprise: (Same as Professional)

Responding to diversifying support needs

The cloud-based business process management system Questetra BPM Suite is widely applied to a variety of fields.

It has been used in a wide range of operations, from cases such as approving vacation applications, to advanced cases such as Unmanned processing of Cloud orchestration along with online payment“. Along with the maturity of the API Economy growing in recent years, there are more chances to see ways for customers to use it which we could never have imagined even as a vendor.

We, Questetra, Inc. have been providing uniform support services to all customers. However, the use of business process management (BPM) is expected to become more diverse. In the future, we would like to provide more detailed support services according to each customer’s level of utilization.

※ BPM: Business Process Management

  • Basic: Inquiries on bulletin boards
  • Advanced: Inquiry by email
  • Professional: Inquiries by video chat
  • Enterprise: (Same as Professional)


per user month
  • 5 users minimum
per user month
  • 5 users minimum
per user month
  • 100 users minimum

Tax excluded. Also, the annual pricing discount (20% off) is offered.
Trial mode: Number of users that can be registered 100 / Available for 60 days / Free

Effective date

July 1st, 2020


For the details by each edition please see this chart.

Regarding the transition procedure due to a service system change


For customers who are subscribing via partner-company, please consult your partner. Customers who have directly applied Questetra BPM Suite, please visit Business to Professional.

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