Cloud BPM v11.7 supports Webform Standby
Receiving data via an unique Webform in midstream


Kyoto, Japan – June 11th, 2018 – Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 11.7 of the Cloud-based Workflow product „Questetra BPM Suite“ on Jun. 11th, 2018. This new version allows arranging intermediate Steps that await input by outsiders. (Form standby function)

Workflow systems of today are greatly contributing to the delivery of information within organization. However, there are many information interactions with outside parties in daily business processes. The cloud-based workflow „Questetra BPM Suite“ has been supporting such as, 1) Starting Workflow by people outside the organization (entry to a published Webform/Sending an email), 2) Starting Workflow by an external system (transmission of Json Webhook/Transmission of Multipart Data), and 3) Standing-by communication from external system (Json Webhook standby/Multipart Data standby) in midstream Step.

On the new version 11.7, it is capable of standby for „an outsider accesses unique URL and completes web form input“. This will allow arranging Steps in the middle of the processes such as, for example, „acceptance report by customer“ in the delivery process, or „covenant registration by a new employee“ in the recruitment process, or „addition of information by a newly joining member“ in the membership registration process.


Questetra BPM Suite

Cloud-based Workflow „Questetra BPM Suite“ is a business platform for realizing environments of paper-less and remote-working.
Business issues are controlled according with Business Flow Diagram. When a process reaches human task, the user will be asked to input. Also, when an issue reaches to automated Step, the predetermined processing (server-side processing) such as „Generate PDF“ and „Save to cloud storage“ is performed automatically. (BPM: Business Process Management)

You can apply it to various business operations such as „Approval request flow“, „Document translation flow“, „Quality check process“, „Invoice issuance process“. Process owner of each Business Process can practice „improvement of Business Process“ little by little in daily work. (Examples of Business Flow Diagram: )


Form Standby feature

Regarding „Published Webform“ which is to accept inputs from users who do not have user accounts, it now becomes possible to be placed in the middle of a Workflow, in addition to only at the beginning of a Workflow (Start point of an Issue). This allows those concerned who do not belong to the organization in which the Workflow platform is used also participate in the Workflow and enter and edit data in the designated Step.


Other Improvements

Enhanced Webhook receiving

Upon receiving Webhook, it is now possible to return HTTP response including data in an Issue. This will allow in a specific process, not only to transmit the Issue data externally but also to acquire them by an external trigger (Webhook).

Support Exception flow upon failure of automatic processing

When automatic processing such as „Script Task/Service Task (Add-on)“ or „Service Task (Google Drive)“ fails, the process can flow to the exception flow. You can isolate the succeeding processing at the time of error occurrence.

Enhanced feature of process logging

The log of „Script Task/Service Task (Add-on)“ and the log at the time of processing failure of „Webhook receiving“ are output to [Process Log]. Moreover, users who have privileges on the Workflow application become able to view the [Process Log] of the corresponding App, in addition to those who with the [System Administrator] so far.


Release Note:


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