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I have experienced working with RPA tools such as BasicRobo (Formerly BizRobo), UiPath (Server: UiPath Orchestrator) and WinActor (Server: WinDirector), and there are a number of ways to achieve integration with them, so I’d like you to refer to the following articles.


Authentication (Single Sign-on)

Questetra BPM Suite is capable of OpenID integration with G Suite. It can also be connected to a Single Sign-on service via G Suite. (e.g. Cloud Gate > G Suite > Questetra) In addition, it is capable of authentication cooperation with SAML 2.0, and I have experience of making connections with IdPs (authentication servers) such as Office 365 (On-premise Active Directory+ADFS or Azure Active Directory), OneLogin, HENNGE one, and Salesforce.



I have a track record of making connections with groupware such as G Suite, Office365, and Cybozu Garoon. We have examples of cooperation with services such as Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Excel, all of which are included in these Groupware. With Cybozu Garoon, there’s an example of portlet-based integration.
** Examples of integration via authentication and with chat services is summarized separately in another category.


Online Storage

There are cases of cooperation with online storage such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Since there is a limit in the size of file attachments in Questetra, you can expand the range of support by combining it with these online storage services.


CRM・SFA・Web database

There are examples of collaboration with services such as Salesforce, kintone, Zoho CRM, e-sales manager: Remix CLOUD, Synergy! and Oracle CRM On Demand.
* kintone is not specific to CRM, however I have included it because it is often compared with CRM.


Chat/ Internal SNS

There are examples of cooperation with chat services such as, Slack, Chatwork, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat Typetalk and LINE. For Slack in particular,, there are some integration add-ons which have been pre-installed.


Input/ Output of paper (Scanner/ Fax etc)

There are examples of cooperation with paper related services such as SVFCloud (document generation ), ScanSnap(scanning), Transfax, eFax(faxing), Google Cloud Print and convenience store printing.



There are other examples of integration with various services. There are various methods of cooperation such as using REST API, email and via csv file, etc.

・Accounting: MF cloud accounting, freee, Obic7
・Task management/ticket management: Backlog, Trello, Zendesk
・Contract management: DocuSign
・CMS: WordPress
・Settlement: Stripe, PayPal
・Email distribution: MailChimp
・ SNS: Facebook,Twitter,Mastodon
・Knowledge management: Evernote
・Drawing: Cacoo
・Voice (smart speaker): Google Home, Siri (iPhone shortcut)
・Phone/FAX: Twilio
・Hardware (IoT): Phillips hue, arduino
・Collaboration tools: ifttt, Zapier, Do Button, Do Note



We have been able to integrate with quite a lot of systems and services. As I mentioned at the beginning, services with REST API have a high possibility of integration even if they are not listed, and they are expected to increase more from now on.

If you have any questions or concerns etc., please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. We can also handle consultations related to collaboration with the service.


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