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The Collaboration example of Questetra BPM Suite with slack

Hi, there!

The number of users who use an internal chat service, „slack„, is increasing these days.
I hear that some customers of our Questetra are using the service.

One customer consulted with us as the following.
„We want to check daily report more easily with a smartphone by posting the digest of the report to Slack after processing it in Questetra.“

I’ll introduce the details of our proposition in that case.

1. Overview of the slack/Questetra collaboration
2. Details
2.1 Preparation for slack
2.2 Preparation for Questetra

1. Overview of the slack/Questetra collaboration

That’s very easy!

  1. Obtain token for calling slack API
  2. From Questetra, send data (including the token described above) with http to „slack“ posting API

2. Details

2.1 Preparation for slack

Obtain token by accessing the website below (Slack Web API).

You need to access after logging into slack. The sample image of the screen below will be shown after pressing the button for obtaining the token while you login.

2.2 Preparation for Questetr

Setting up [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)] in Questetra to send data from it to API for posting slack (chat.postMessage).

The parameter settings are as follows:

  • Specify [Access URL] of [Network Settings] as „https://slack.com/api/chat.postMessage
  • In [Parameters], specify the value obtained in the previous step as [token], the name of slack channel you want to post to as [channel], the message (Data Item) you want to post as [text]

* When you want to make posting sentences with combining multiple Process data items, it is required to send data by [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)] after creating data for posting using [Service Task (Data Assignment)]
* There are some optional parameters you can specify in posting API of slack. By using such options, you can deal with some cases such as “Posting a message as a certain user’s post”.
Please check API reference of slack for more details.
Incidentally, Questetra itself also has equipped with in-house chat service, [Open Chat]. [Open Chat] has an advantage of being capable of connecting chat message to process which processed on Questetra. Please use chat services according to your purpose.

* Supplemented 2015-11-04
Questetra BPM Suite has supported “the case of OAuth2.0 connection which has access tokens with unlimited validity and not have refresh tokens” since Ver.10.4.0. It has become possible to connect with OAuth settings other than the procedure above.
* Supplemented 2018-03-19
You can configure it more easily by using the following Slack posting Add-on.
Slack Post (String type Data Item)

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