Business Improvement Case using kintone + box + Questetra
Business Improvement Case by automation combining multiple cloud services


I would like to introduce one customer’s case where they built a system in a short time and achieved efficiency by combining the following services:。

  • kintone: Graphing database, statistics information
  • Questetra: Automation of flow, Visualization of progress
  • Box: Secure storage



1: Overview
2: Details
3: Closing


1: Overview

The target business was the “Management of contract renewal”.
Out of hundreds of contracts, we pick up the ones which are close to expiration and proceed their processing.
Since the process was done manually using Excel before, there were problems such as

  • Difficulty
  • Mistakes by copy and paste etc. could occur

Then, by combining the services above and automating the process, not only

  • Reduction of working time /Elimination of mistakes

, were possible but also

  • Easy visualization of the processing situation and statistics information for each issue

could be achieved.


2: Details

The structure of each integrative part is as follows.

    • kintone → Questetra

Embedding Javascript to kintone, place a new button on the screen. In the process when the button is pressed, send an http request to Questera with data of kintone as parameters. Questetra receives the request as „Message Start Event (HTTP)“ and starts a process.
* Related Manual/Material
 ・M221: Auto Starting Triggered by HTTP Request
 ・JavaScript Tutorial 1

    • Questetra → Box

Using “Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)”, send a file by calling box API from Questetra (send http request) and receive the URL of the location of the saved file.
* ※Related Manual/Material
 ・M225: Auto Sending of HTTP Request with Business data Inserted
 ・Box API Reference
 ・Article about setting to invoke Box API from Questetra

    • kintone ← Questetra

Write data to kintone by calling kintone API from Questetra(sending http request) using „Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)“.
* Related Material
 ・kintone API Docs
 ・Examples of invoking kintone API from Questetra

3: Closing

„Automation“ is one of the aspects Questetra is recently enhancing. In the BPM forum that has held the other day, we set „Automation“ as the theme of our presentation.

Questetra is providing Workflow environment that anyone can try for free. Including the API collaborations introduced here, you can try all the functions. Please apply here Apply for Starter Plan if you are interested.

Apply for Free trial


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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