Connecting ChatWork with Cloud Workflow
Describing how to connect ChatWork, a communication tool, with Questetra BPM Suite.

Hi, there!

Recently, there seems that the number of cases where internal communications to be done by SNS tools rather than emails is increasing. In our company, we are using, of course, Questetra’s „Open Chat“ feature. But also we use other SNS tools according to purposes. Such as, we use Slack for conducting maintenance Questetra itself, while for interactions with a certain customer, I use ChatWork according to the customer’s circumstances.

Well, in this post, I would like to introduce you an Add-on which I created by a request form certain customer that „want to post the results of processing in Questetra automatically to ChatWork (since emails tend to be get lost in the inbox…)

1. Outline of how to connect Questetra with ChatWork
2. Details
2-1. Preparations in ChatWork
2-2. Preparations in Questetra
3. Closing

1. Outline of how to connect Questetra with ChatWork

It is very simple.

  1. Issue an API token to be used for invoking ChatWork APIs
  2. Send data in HTTP from Questetra to Add-message API using the token

2. Details

2-1. Preparations in ChatWork

To issue API token

1. Click on the [User name] on the top right of the ChatWork screen to open the dropdown menu, select „API Setting“ to open API Token page.

2. Enter your password and click on the [ Display] button.

3. Your token will be displayed. Click [Copy] button to copy to clipboard.

2-2. Preparations in Questetra

Import an Add-on for ChatWork post.

Download the Add-on file from the page linked below. Import it referring to the manual M415 from HERE.

ChatWork: Add Message

Set Config items as in the following figure.

Config name Required Format
A: API Token Yes Enter the API token you have issued
B: Select TEXT DATA for Room Id Yes Specify the String type Data Item which stores the room ID you want to post to. (The room ID is the number following „rid“ in the URL which displays the room.)
C: Select TEXT DATA for Message Yes Specify the String type Data Item which stores the message you want to post.
X: Select TEXT DATA for Log No Specify the String type Data Item to which you want to output logs.

Place the Add-on icon on a Workflow diagram and run. Your message will be posted like in the following figure.

3. Closing

I suppose now you have understood that you can realize it with a very easy setting.

Incidentally, although this time I created an Add-on specifically for adding messages, other cooperative processing can be also realized by editing the Add-on according to ChatWork APII.
Also, it can be realized by a method of sending data by „Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)“ instead of using Add-on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us.

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